Shot while driving: Son orders attack on his own mob father | US News

The son of murdered New York mob mate Sylvester “Sally Daz” Zottola has been found guilty of hiring his killer.

Anthony Zottola has been convicted of plotting to kill his father and brother in an attempt to take over the family’s multimillion-dollar property empire, Sky News partner NBC New York reported.

Zottola and co-conspirator Jimen Ross were convicted Wednesday after a six-week federal investigation into the 2018 killing of 71-year-old Sylvester at a McDonald’s in the Bronx, New York City federal trial.

Both faced mandatory life sentences when they were sentenced.

Sylvester Zottola was shot several times in the head and body at the fast-food restaurant, which police initially described as a possible thug attack.

Sylvester Zottola tried multiple times in his life before being murdered in 2018
Sylvester Zottola tried multiple times in his life before being murdered in 2018

Prosecutors have told jurors a detailed conspiracy between Anthony and Bloody gang leader Boushaun Shelton carried out a series of attacks on his father and older brother Salvatore Rezzottola.

Ross was hired as the trigger after former hired gunman Ron Cabey attempted to kill Sylvester Zottola.

On the witness stand, Kirby described at least six botched attempts to murder the businessman over a period of several months.

Sylvester Zottola controlled a residential property portfolio worth tens of millions of dollars at the time of his death.

His son Anthony helps manage the business by maintaining the property, collecting rent and helping run the repair company he shares with his brother.

The court heard that he wanted to take control of the family business, so he hired Boushaun Shelton to organise the killing of his father and his brother.

The defense team argued that the attack may have been the work of Albanian gangsters in the Bronx who tried to obtain a piece from an illegal gambling machine racket allegedly run by Sylvester Zottola.

Shelton pleaded guilty to murder for hire and murder for hire in August 2022. He is awaiting sentencing.

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