Real Housewives Kyle Richards shares her favorite Halloween decor and costume essentials

Never mind those strong emotions in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Kyle Richards is immune to even the most dramatic panic when the calendar turns to October. “I love the spooky side of Halloween,” she said. “We celebrate it every year because this holiday has been with me my whole life.”

The Bravo star and actress has receipts. As a child, she appeared on the TV series “Cottage on the Prairie,” recalling Patriarch Michael Langdon’s October 31st birthday. Her eldest daughter, Farah, was born on the same day in 1989, sparking a string of decadent-themed parties. (Of course, “RHOBH” fans remember Lisa Rinna dressing up as costar Erika Jayne for the orgies.)

Of course, Richards has a deep connection to “Halloween” Movie franchises. Not only did she play young Lindsey Wallace in the 1978 original horror classic — Jamie Lee Curtis’s nanny Laurie Strode successfully protected her from masked killer Michael Meyers — she The role was reprised in the so-called final “Halloween’s Over” (in theaters Friday, October 14). “I’ve been here since the beginning and it’s unbelievable,” Richards said. “I love that the fans are still engaged!”

So, where is Lindsay now? Still living in doomed Haddonfield, Illinois, where she is friends with Laurie and her granddaughter (Andy Mattichuck). “It’s only a small part, so the film is really about me supporting Jamie,” she explained.

Richards isn’t yet sure about her plans for the 2022 version of her favorite vacation. Before that, she spoke with CNN Underscored about the decorations, costumes, and pet accessories that keep her in a good Halloween spirit.

Orange and purple halloween lights

Richards began decorating her Beverly Hills mansion in October. 1. “I like to set the mood and tone right away,” she says. That meant hanging fluffy cobwebs on the front door — along with a trick-or-treat sign — and decorating the hall with purple and orange lighting. (She asked her daughters to seek help for the latter.) “If you walk past my house,” she said, “it’s full of lights.”

halloween jack-o-lantern

Pity the pumpkins that used to be on display on Richards’ porch. “I would go to the pumpkin patch and buy these pumpkins – and the dogs and squirrels would eat them,” she said. “I can’t trade!” Now, she’s opting for a waterproof pre-lit lantern that one of her daughters found on Amazon. Maybe a change like this is for the best: “My kids are no longer the age where they want to carve pumpkins with me, which is frustrating. They can’t be bothered!

Toxic Hooded Cat Ear Teddy

Based on her schedule tonight, “I’ll either do a black cat mommy outfit with ears, or I’ll do it sexy,” she said. “Halloween is the time of year when I can actually get away with it!” (See: Her Playboy Bunny Costume in “RHOBH” 2019 Halloween episode. ) Richards picks in person at Los Angeles’ famed Trashy Lingerie, which has been selling apparel and accessories since 1974; non-Angelinos can shop from its online selection.

Fruitles Candy Corn

Richards knows the consensus on candy corn. . . and don’t care! “I know there is hatred,” she said. “I love them and will eat them until migraines. I only buy candy that I like!” But because her house has a door, she doesn’t hand out anything to nearby kids. Instead, she headed to Paris Hilton. “My niece has a big trick-or-treating place, so we’ve all been there for the past few years.”

Solo Party Cup

(Black) The cat is out! Back in the day, Richards and her husband would pour the wine into red Solo glasses and stir the wine until night. “We’d play trick-or-treating with the girls and bring the cups — it was really obvious,” she said. After all, “We have to have a treat too!”

TOMSENN lion mane

River, Bambi, Storm, Luna, Romeo and Smokey, the family’s rescue dogs, all dressed up for the big night. “I’ve done the lion thing, they have a little mane on their heads,” she said. However, she advises other dog owners to choose wisely, as pets don’t necessarily enjoy the experience. In fact, she admits that dressing her dog up as a fairy princess with a flowing cone hat might not have been the smartest idea.

Halloween Movie Theme Ringtones

“Thriller” isn’t the only standout piece of Halloween music. Every season, Richards likes to change the ringtone on her phone to the creepy “Halloween” theme that plays in the movie’s opening credits. (Fun fact: Halloween director John Carpenter created it,) she said. “I kind of like that.”

Halloween (1978)

OK, so Richards didn’t watch “The Movie That Started It All” on a real night. But she did see it on TV “by accident” and people kept tagging her on Instagram while watching it. She also noted that her daughters have never had this joy. “It’s not even fear,” she said. “There’s nudity! As a mom, it’s always stressful for me.”

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