Donald Trump’s solid supporter base provides a platform for his return — as Joe Biden’s popularity declines | U.S. News

Donald Trump loves it.

He danced after the announcement, all smiles and signature clenched fists.

He looks like a comeback — and so does the rhetoric.

Internships in Ohio, Mr Trump put on label Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House – an “animal”.Never mind ordinary decent, or her husband is Home was recently attacked with a hammer by an intruder.

It was so inappropriate, so Trump and his loyal audience raved about it.

For them, bad luck is not a problem. They are glad he is back.

A solid Trump base provides the platform for his return. The support structure can only be strengthened by the many individuals Trump has endorsed who are expected to win office and authority in these midterm elections.

They claim to be as baseless as Trump himself in claiming (2020) election fraud – otherwise they would be ineligible for his endorsement. He was the kingmaker who wanted to be king again, they owed him.

That makes it difficult for the entire Republican Party to be a Trump candidate. Consider the competition for the No. 1 candidate in 2024. Potential contenders such as Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo will find it difficult to compete with Trump’s leadership campaign. Fully supported competition.

His overwhelming presence and support are likely to deter opponents from coming forward and lead to a truncated party rivalry with no contest at all.

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‘We’re taking back the White House’

Mr. Trump’s return will also be a difficult one for the wider Republican Party, many of whom are happy to tolerate him when he cedes power but don’t like his return.

When he brought Pearl into government, there was one constituency in the party who was happy to hold Pearl by the nose, but over time they grew tired of it. After seeing Trump’s back, they saw the handbrake in the Republican ranks turn to chaos — worrying them and threatening party cohesion.

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If GOP goodnight drives Mr Trump’s comeback, it will give Joe Biden fight back. He has said he is confident of keeping the Senate, which would preserve his clout as president and set the stage for a second-term campaign, if that’s what he wants.

Biden Seen as a Responsibility – But He’s Achieved

But if he loses both the Senate and the House, Mr. Biden will effectively be a lame-duck president, bound by the numbers who oppose him and subject to impeachment and investigations into issues such as the Afghan withdrawal, his COVID policies, his ties, and more. Republicans such as threatening business dealings with his son Hunter have shown they want a solution.

Mr Biden is seen as a burden within his own party. His approval rating is at 40 percent, an all-time low for a president at this stage of the election cycle.

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The President of the United States declares “We are the United States of America!” at a rally in Maryland

Mr Biden, however, has achieved something. With a narrow majority, he has been productive on policy, with results on climate change, health care and eliminating student debt. Sadly, for him, his delivery may be too late for the general public to feel the financial benefit, and for those who voted for him to make the change promise and waited too long to see it happen ,It’s too late.

If Democrats had a bad night, one would argue that key campaign weaknesses have been around the message. Warnings about democracy on the ballot may be hard to refute, but it doesn’t align with voters’ priorities amid a downturn. Inflation, fuel costs, crime and immigration were more of a concern, the survey showed.

That will raise questions for Biden about election strategy and suitability for a second presidential bid.

However, that assumes Democrats will lose, and as Mr Biden himself has said, he thinks Democrats will keep the Senate.

It’s a hope worth holding on to — his career depends on it.

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