William and Kate’s US tour ends with Biden meeting and star-studded ‘Struggle for the Planet’ awards ceremony | UK News

Prince William will be greeted by President Joe Biden on the final day of his trip to Boston.

Prince and Princess of Wales announce winners in north-east city earth prize.

The couple’s three-day visit was due to buckingham palace rowand a surprise release Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Trailer.

Both events overshadowed the date of William and Kate, who are in the US on their first overseas visit since the Queen’s death.

princess of wales Spending time at Harvard University.

She will be visiting world-renowned child development centers as part of her efforts to spread the word about the importance of early care.

Sources close to the princess said she was “passionate” about the subject and had wanted to visit researchers at Harvard University for some time.

Couple's US flight trip overshadowed
On Thursday, the royals visited Roca, an organization that helps at-risk young people
The royals visited Roca, an organization that helps at-risk young people, yesterday

Elsewhere in the city, Prince William will visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, where President Biden will formally greet him.

Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, will show him around the museum.

william Learn about President Kennedy’s Moonshot Award, which challenges the United States to land a man on the Moon. It was also the inspiration for the Prince’s Environmental Earthshot Award.

The day will culminate with a star-studded Earthshot ceremony where five winners will win £1 million to help further the fight against the climate crisis.

Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish) arrived at the Met Gala in New York last month
Billie Eilish to Lead Entertainment at Earthshot Ceremony

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this year there two british finalistsincluding Notpla, which makes a seaweed-based alternative to plastic packaging, and Low Carbon Materials, a company dedicated to environmentally friendly building materials.

singer Billie Eilish to Headline Entertainment Show Anne Lennox and Ellie Goulding were also present at the ceremony.

The royal family’s visit to the US did not go as planned. It had been hoped that the trip would help to actively promote the royal family on the global stage.

It’s William and Kate’s final day in America and their last chance to show they care about causes.

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