Walmart’s 2022 Black Friday Deals: Electronics, Toys, and More

If you have some travel plans, this three-piece suitcase will take you anywhere you need to go, whether you’re on a weekend getaway, packing for the whole family, or have a long-planned semester trip somewhere warm.

This minimalist mirror is perfect for anywhere in your home where you could use a little extra light – or if you find yourself wanting to make sure you’re oriented before heading out the door.

We always have candle sales here, especially when they’re $6. Choose from eight different scents to suit different rooms, or be ready to store gifts this season.

Shark’s vacuum cleaner is small but powerful, and this $100 model for pet owners sounds great to us.

Let the robot clean with this on-sale Shark vac, which cleans row-by-row through your home without missing a spot. It even empties itself at the end of a long day around the house; you only need to empty it about once a month.

‘It’s tenant season, and if you’re short on an extra bedroom but have a little floor space, this mattress will give your visitors a good night’s sleep (and more space than a sofa).

Available in four different colors, this set of towels is perfect for any bathroom and is perfect for restocking family bathrooms and dorm rooms—and you won’t have to worry about makeup ruining any of the fine lines of super fancy, more designer towels.

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