Walmart will have 7-hour tech workdays

Walmart has invested in digitizing its store processes in recent years, reducing employee workloads and directing its capabilities to more customer-focused areas. Now, while workday changes are being discussed, the retail chain says it can maintain the seven-hour rule thanks to technology.

In Mexico, where the U.S. company has about 194,000 employees (56 percent are women), Congress is discussing a reform program for workers. This takes into account 7 hours of work per day and at least 12 hours of vacation from the first year of employment.

Given this, Walmart ensures that the reduction in workdays does not jeopardize day-to-day operations, thanks to the automation of its operations.Make sure you are ready to take the call “Reform for Decent Rest”, thanks to technology that has helped it navigate and grow during the pandemic. That doesn’t mean Walmart will cut wages or stop hiring.

If the initiative under discussion in Congress is approved, companies will have to adapt to the new reality, including retail chains.

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Mariano Fisella, vice president of operations for Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Express, said, “Walmart’s Mexico program is long-term” in this sense, “Companies will respect labor law directives even if the seven-hour work day policy is in effect”this, in addition, “It won’t jeopardize day-to-day operations, and where appropriate, the challenges posed by this improvement will be addressed by technology that already exists in Walmart’s operations.”,

At the checkout line, for example, strategies have been developed to reduce the time it takes to process receipts through self-checkout machines, home delivery and pickup services. As a result, the reduced hours will push Walmart to use only those tech equipment that has helped keep operations afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart will have a 7-hour tech workday

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