US midterm elections: Those who reject the election may soon hold key positions of authority and influence | James Matthews | US News

No matter what they do, these midterm elections will calibrate discord.

There will now be voter numbers to gauge the intensity of America, a country that has been on the brink of a nervous breakdown since 2020.

The divisions have intensified since the end of the Trump era and will now be hardwired into the legislature — where election deniers and conspiracy theorists may be in key positions of authority and influence.

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Trump teases announcement while voting

It raises questions of political subversion and even violence around these elections – much depending on how people act and respond to votes.

If a candidate who rejects the election is chosen, things could get messy. If they are not, then what will they do?

There’s no evidence to support election fraud, but that doesn’t silence Donald Trump. Election deniers’ flag-bearers have backed many of them – and when the “candidate” himself makes his much-anticipated statement next Tuesday, he will do so with the backing of his supporters.

Before the polls began, Joe Biden said he thought Democrats would win the Senate. He must believe. If he loses both houses of Congress, he will be a lame duck president — tripped over by his political opponents.

This will raise questions about Democrats’ electoral tactics – why is the laser focused on threats to democracy when surveys show people have other priorities?

Who’s in front…who’s behind?latest results

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How do midterm elections work?

Look at Biden’s popularity – the lowest ever. Look at his age – the highest ever.

An NBC exit poll found that most people think Joe Biden’s policies are hurting the country.

A bad night for Democrats will inform whether Biden will run for a second term. A double defeat can determine the level of engagement of his party.

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