Uber driver stabbed to death by passenger who posted video of victim’s death on Facebook, police say | US News

An Uber driver was stabbed to death by a passenger who “woke up and decided to kill,” police say, and posted video of the victim’s death on Facebook.

Brandon Jacobs, 29, of Harvey, Louisiana, New Orleans, carried out the attack in the parking lot of a Travelodge on the West Shore Highway.

The victim, Yolanda Dillon, 54, of Marrero, was found stabbed several times in the car and died after being taken to the hospital, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said.

She was attacked as she dropped Jacobs off at the hotel about 3pm on Thursday.

Jacobs was arrested within hours of the stabbing and charged with second-degree murder.

At a news conference Friday, the sheriff said Jacobs had confessed to the killing.

“His confession basically said he woke up yesterday morning and decided he was going to kill and decided that was going to be his day,” the sheriff said.

“He’s in the back seat,” the officer continued. “I stabbed her in the back, got out of the car and walked away casually.”

The sheriff added that Jacobs recorded and posted an aftermath video on Facebook.

Ms. Dillon also worked as a budget analyst for the New Orleans Police Department.

Superintendent Sean Ferguson said: “Our team worked really hard. We will miss her terribly. She was very quiet … very humble. A quiet giant, I would say, because she meant so much to the department, it It tore our employees up.”

The investigation by Jefferson Parish authorities is still ongoing.

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