U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in a car crash that the Secret Service initially described as a “mechanical failure” | U.S. News

US Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in a car accident that was initially reported to the head of the Secret Service as a “mechanical failure” – although the vehicle hit the curb and she was moved to another vehicle.

The agent who was driving her to work at the White House on Monday crashed into the sidewalk of a tunnel so the tires needed to be replaced, The Washington Post reported.

Secret Service Director Kim Chettle is said to have expressed concern about the incident, which was initially described as a mechanical failure, before breathing a sigh of relief to get a fuller picture, the newspaper reported.

“During Monday’s protective exercise, one of the vehicles in the convoy suffered a slight overcorrection and hit a curb,” said agency spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

“The protected person [Harris] Was transferred to a second vehicle and the convoy continued on to its destination. No one was injured. “

He added that while the incident was initially reported as a mechanical failure, “leadership has verbally updated other relevant facts of the vehicle hitting the side of the road”.

Kirsten Allen, Harris’ press secretary, confirmed the incident on Wednesday, saying: “The Vice President was uninjured and thanked her USSS details for the quick response that allowed her to reach the White House safely.”

Stop fleet ‘big inaction’

A source familiar with the incident told NBC News that Harris was in a convoy heading to the White House for work when the rear wheel of her vehicle hit a high curb and was disabled.

The source said the stopped convoy was considered a worrying situation – “a big no-no for us” – and Ms Harris was quickly moved to a replacement vehicle.

The source said her previous vehicle was travelling at about 50 mph on a city street.

When the convoy arrived at the White House, medics checked her to make sure she wasn’t injured, the source added.

Mr. Guglielmi told NBC News that there will be no disciplinary action.

“We’re proud of the details. How they handle this is exactly what they’re supposed to do,” he said.

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