U.S. imposes new sanctions on Russian proxies in Ukraine, Russian governors and Putin-linked oligarchs

Ukrainian and Russian forces have clashed nearly 400 times in eastern Ukraine this week, one of Ukraine’s most senior military officials said.

Brig. General Oleksi Khromov, deputy head of the Ukrainian military’s main combat bureau, said Russia continued to launch attacks with missiles and artillery on a wide front.

“Since December 8, the enemy has launched 41 missile attacks on civilian infrastructure and troop positions in Ukraine,” including 38 attacks using S-300 missiles.

Russia also launched 32 drones loaded with explosives at energy facilities, including 15 that blew up over civilian infrastructure in Kyiv, he said. Almost all Iranian-made drones have been intercepted.

“There have been 388 military clashes with the enemy in eastern Ukraine this week,” Khromov said, claiming heavy Russian casualties.

“During December 1 and 2, as many as 500 wounded were taken to hospitals in Luhansk, most of them from Wagner’s private military company mercenaries,” he claimed.

“As of December 4, a total of more than 3,600 wounded Russian servicemen from so-called special contingents were in hospitals in the occupied territories,” Khromov claimed. There is no way to verify the estimate.

Khromov also said that Ukraine continued to attack Russian positions and installations behind the front lines.

“During the week, artillery units hit 309 enemy targets, including 34 control points, 24 depots with ammunition and fuel,” he said.

In addition, he said, high-precision weapons targeted 58 locations, including five ammunition depots.

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