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TikTok is introducing an adults-only option that allows users to block children from watching their live streams.

Creators can choose whether they only want to be over 18 when they broadcast, and Tik Tok Said the option will arrive in the next few weeks.

TikTok cites comedy routines that may not be suitable for minors, or that the host wants to discuss “difficult life experiences.”

“We want our community to take full advantage of the opportunities LIVE presents without compromising safety,” TikTok said.

“We believe these industry-leading updates can further protect young members of our community as they begin and build their online presence.”

The adult-only streaming option is one of several safety features introduced in TikTok’s live tab, amid heightened scrutiny over how the social media platform can better protect children.

But don’t think it’s TikTok laying the groundwork for action Adult subscription platform OnlyFansas pornography is still banned.

Campaign to improve the “negative impact of online content”

Last week, the coroner Molly Russell Write to social media companies and ministers, Urge them to take action against harmful online content.

Molly, a 14-year-old schoolgirl from north west London, was found dead in her bedroom in November 2017 after viewing suicide and self-harm content online, prompting her family to launch a campaign to improve internet safety.

During interrogation, the coroner concluded that Molly died Suffering from ‘the negative impact of online content’.

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Thank you Molly because you are my daughter

While most people interact with TikTok by scrolling through endless short videos, live streaming is also gaining popularity.

In the live section of the app, you’ll see thousands of people tune in to video games, airport runways, news channels, Q&As, and other shows that encourage viewer interaction.

Users need 1,000 followers to go live.

What else is TikTok doing to improve security?

From November 23rd, the minimum online age for TikTok will increase from 16 to 18 (the age requirement to create an account is 13).

TikTok is also updating the keyword filtering tool currently available for livestreaming, designed to let creators limit comments they deem inappropriate.

The update will prompt them to update the filter with the suggested keywords.

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