This has nothing to do with library fines, many GOP crimes could violate national security

SAN ANTONIO, TX - SEPTEMBER 19: Paola Albarran of Venezuela holds a bag of supplies for her at the Immigrant Resource Center on September 19, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas . The San Antonio Immigrant Resource Center is home to two Venezuelan immigrants who were sent by the governor of Florida to Martha's Vineyard via Florida. Ron DeSantis.  (Photo by Jordan Von der Haar/Getty Images)

The New York Times reported the full name of Pera Huerta, a human trafficker who lured asylum seekers in Texas to board a flight to Martha’s Vineyard.

If you accept the absurd premise advocated by the GQP, asylum seekers are not only illegal, but a terrorist threat to national security. Then trafficking in people like that should also be some kind of crime committed by an accomplice like Ron DeSantis. Republican criminals and their surrogates, such as Perla Huerta, Christina Bobb, and Evan Corcoran, have been exposed for aiding and abetting illegal behavior.

Likewise, Trump remains a terrorist threat to national security because he is still not prosecuted for actual actions against the United States. DeSantis will likely not be prosecuted for this clearly unethical and illegal behavior. In the days to come, we’ll definitely get to know Perla Huerta better in the process of sorting these things out.




SAN ANTONIO — June, Governor. Ron DeSantis signed a budget setting aside $12 million to create a program to transport unauthorized immigrants out of Florida.He touted it as the highlight of the state’s new spending When it comes to immigration.

But just three months later, the money was being spent in a very different way, far from Florida: rounding up Venezuelan asylum seekers on the streets of San Antonio and transporting them to Massachusetts by private jet .

The flight carrying 48 migrants last month drew international attention and drew condemnation from Democrats as well as several legal challenges. gentlemen. DeSantis immediately claimed it was a political ploy — throwing dozens of asylum seekers at the door of Northeastern Democrats who rejected calls to limit immigration.

Florida officials have provided little information about the program or how it was designed.But details of the secret mission have begun to emerge carried out without knowledge Even Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, fellow Republican: Flights paid for with state money may violate state laws that allocate funds; a charter airline with political ties to the Florida governor.

And, in the middle of it all, a woman with a military counterintelligence background is believed by investigators to be dispatched from Tampa to Texas to fill a vacancy on the plane.

So far, little is known about the woman the immigrant said she called herself by only her first name “Perla” when she asked them to join the flight. A person with knowledge of the San Antonio Sheriff’s Office’s investigation into the matter told The New York Times that the person involved in the operation was a woman named Perla Huerta.

Mrs. Huerta, a former combat doctor and counterintelligence officer, retired last month after serving 20 years in the U.S. Army, including multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to military records.

A Venezuelan immigrant working with a woman. Huerta recruited immigrants to confirm her identity, and to an immigrant woman in San Antonio. Huerta tried unsuccessfully to register to identify her photo in an interview with The Times. Several immigrants from Martha’s Vineyard photographed her during the hiring process in San Antonio, according to immigration attorney Rachel Self. The lawyers who worked with them were able to match the photos with other photos online and on social media, which belonged to a woman named Perla Huerta.


The man who said he and she helped register other immigrants agreed to speak on the condition that his name not be used because the incident was under investigation. He said he saw the lady for the first time. Huerta outside the Immigrant Resource Center in San Antonio on Sept. 10.

She asked him to help her recruit other immigrants like him from Venezuela. But he said he felt betrayed because she never mentioned working on behalf of the Florida government. “I got scammed too,” he said. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have been involved.” He said all he was told was “she wanted to help people go north.”

Efforts to transport migrants to Martha’s Vineyard appear to be far less coherent than the more comprehensive plan created by Mr. Abbott, Texas, has transported more than 11,000 immigrants from the state to three Democratic-controlled northern cities — Washington, New York and Chicago.

But the goals of both governors are the same: to draw attention to the large number of unauthorized immigrants arriving at the southern border every day and to force Democrats to deal with immigrants they claim they want to welcome.

For flights to Martha’s Vineyard, Florida records show that airline charter company Vertol Systems was paid $615,000 on Sept. 9. 8 and $950,000 less than two weeks later. The first payment is for “Item 1” and the second payment is for “Items Two and Three”. So far, Florida officials have only acknowledged the initial flight and have not spoken about other plans.


Vertol Systems was established in the mid-1990s to provide aviation maintenance and training services, And does work for the US government. Over the years, the company has increasingly forged ties with Republican power brokers in Florida.

In the lawsuit, Vertol was formerly represented by Matt Gaetz, now a Republican in Congress and a close Trump ally, court records show. DeSantis.According to information first reported by the company, another lawyer hired by the company has pursued a series of lawsuits NBC News, it’s Larry Keefe. gentlemen. Keefe now serves as Mr. Desantis’ public safety czar, leading efforts to address immigration.

Vertol and its leader, James Montgomery, also donated to Republican lawmakers, including Mr. Trump. Gaetz, along with Representative Jay Trumbull, led the Florida House Appropriations Committee this year as lawmakers earmarked the money for a program originally aimed at relocating immigrants from Florida.…

Did Trumpists rig the 11th Circuit?

Next up: Investigators are seeking information from Christina Bobb about the attestation drafted by Sing Cochran, saying they handed over all classified documents in June and did not rule out a criminal investigation. 2/


Next, we learn that Corcoran drafted the proof, and Bobb modified it to make it less ironclad. Why would she do this? 3/


Next, we learned that some of Trump’s colleagues and advisers recommended that Corcoran step down as legal counsel because of his legal risk and inexperience. 4/


Next: Hirschman said in an email that he would have to testify without a court order granting executive privilege. “I certainly don’t rely on any legal analysis from you or Boris [Epshteyn] – I think he’s an idiot. ” 5/


Next: Herschmann cites witness tampering when Corcoran asks to call Herschmann. “[Corcoran and Epshteyn] Should not be involved in any way in any attempt to influence, delay or prevent my testimony. ” 6/


Finally, the day before his testimony, Trump’s lawyers told Hirschman that Trump’s lawyers had sought an executive privilege court order and that Hirschman’s testimony had been delayed. 7/


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