The 18 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters To Wear This Holiday 2022

Whether you’re wearing an ugly Christmas sweater this holiday season to the mall, as a gift or to a party in a nice old-fashioned ugly sweater, the process of finding an ugly sweater is one of the few holiday traditions that can Guaranteed some laughing moments. (Just Google “ugly christmas sweater” to find it yourself.)

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there.From garland cardigans to interactive beer pong sweaters, we’ve found the best, funniest and, yes, fittingly the ugliest Christmas sweaters on the market right now. Looking for gift ideas? Check out our picks from Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022, gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts from Nordstrom.

Mirror's Ugliest Sweater Award Green Ugly Christmas Sweater

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which sweater is the ugliest? It might just be this one – because it will mirror all the other ugly sweaters at your party. Available in sizes from small to 3XL, it even comes with a “Best Sweater” award ribbon.

Drunken Elf Stocking Stuffer's Ugly Christmas Sweater

Available in XS to 2X options, this fun sweater will keep your hands free and enjoy a drink up close.

Tipsy Elves Gaudi Garland Ugly Christmas Cardigan

Tipsy Elves Gaudi Garland Ugly Christmas Cardigan

wreath? Check. decorations? Check. Bell ringing? Check! This V-neck cardigan, available in sizes XS to 2X, is also a little sexy.More info: It’s also available in plus size

Exlura Patterns Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re looking for an ugly Christmas sweater that’s actually kind of cute, this is it. Available in six winter shades and patterns, this knitted sweater is cut for a loose fit in sizes as small as XXL.

Mad Engine Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child Sweater

Think we left Baby Yoda in 2020? Think again. This rather cute sweater comes with its own Baby Yoda plush that you can keep in the front pocket. You can also consider this unisex style.

Blizzard Bay Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater Llama

Camels definitely have time, which is exactly why you need one over your sweater this holiday season. Available in six fun patterns and colors – yes, there’s even a camel in a scarf and sunglasses – it’s available in sizes as small as 4XL.

Tipsy Elves Cheer Pong Game Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who is the life of the party? Thanks to this sweater with built-in games. Available in sizes from Small to 4XL, this option is perfect for interactive, socially distant gatherings.

U Look Ugly Today Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater Hoodie

Let’s just say: This sweater is ridiculous. It will make you laugh this Christmas. We love that this hood with antlers keeps you warm, and it comes in as small as a 2XL.

Sixdaysox Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sixdaysox Cheerful Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women

Vacations are more fun when we’re together – and match! Take your married life to the next level with this ridiculous cat flying in outer space pizza sweatshirt, available in sizes as small as XXL.

DenofSixCo Couples Christmas Sweater

This adorable set from Etsy is perfect for the couple torn by the ugly/matching Christmas look, and it clearly identifies who’s behind the theme – and who isn’t. Available in four colors and sizes S to 5X, these easy sweatshirts are guaranteed to look lovely with jeans, sweatpants, or just about anything you’ve got.

Tstars Xmas Nice & Naughty List Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Set

Tstars Store Xmas Nice & Naughty List Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Set

Let’s face it: If there’s ever a year we’re a little naughty and a little cute, it’s 2021, which is why this carefree couples sweatshirt set is the perfect tone for this year’s holiday season! The set is available in black, red and green in sizes S to XXL with the option to change the size of each sweatshirt.

Charmma Two Knit Sweater Ugly Christmas Sweater

Make sure you never forget each other with this hilarious jumpsuit. The knitted jumper comes in only one size and comes in two styles – snowflake and reindeer, and Santa and Mrs. There may be a PG-13 rated Krause version.

Ladies Snowman Scarf Sweater Dress

It’s hard to imagine an ugly Christmas sweater dress being super cute, but somehow this snowman option from Tipsy Elves manages to do just that! We love the cinched-waist scarves, the chic white sweater material, and the mini-length.

Ladies Santa Sweater Dress

If Mrs. Claus is your vibe this year, we’ve found this dress for you. While the large white collar and black buttons are ultra-traditional, Tipsy Elves added mini dress length and a shiny belt to liven up the figure.

Tipsy Elves Denim Sweater

Fear not, our Jewish friends can play the ugly Christmas sweater game too, and well, they might win with this fun “Jewnicorn” option. Bright and loud, this sweater is 3 times smaller and not at all understated.

Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Let's Light the Menorah Sweatshirt

We love the retro look and feel of this unisex sweatshirt – and the playful “Let’s get lit” message. Available in black, navy, royal blue, and heather grey, this sweatshirt has not only candlesticks, but spinning tops! The brand has more things that look alike, like “Oy to the world” and “Challah at ya girl” with equally funny sayings.

Tie Lit Menorah Blazer

If he wants to be noticed this holiday season, this blazer and tie pairing will do it. As loud as it sounds, this jacket is available in sizes 36 to 52 and features more candlesticks than we’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, you can purchase matching pants to complete the look.

Blizzard Bay Holiday Squad Ugly Christmas Sweater

The gang is here! Santa Claus? Check. Rudolph? Take up. Rabbi? Oh yeah! Designed in a traditional holiday pattern, this sweater is available in sizes S to XL and is perfect for this season’s cozy holiday gatherings.

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