The 15 Best Adhesive Bras for Seamless Support and Comfort in 2022

A bra may be the most supportive garment you own, but sometimes the straps can get in your way. Adhesive bras are your discreet saviour when it comes to low-cut necklines, strapless styles, and open-back styles. Adhesive bras are more invisible than strapless bras, offer more coverage and support than no bras, and help you feel confident in even the most daring styles.

“There are so many styles of sticky bras these days that you can get rid of almost any neckline,” says Hollywood stylist Tracy Shapoff. “V-necks, scoop necklines, plunging necklines, and sweethearts are perfectly fine because all of these styles have great stickiness. Choice.” The material you’re wearing is also a factor when it comes to choosing a sticky bra. “I think sticky bras work best with open/low-back pieces, great for lightweight fabrics like silk, where you want a very smooth finish, but also a little lift or shape,” shared editorial stylist Daniel Gaines.

Plus, sticky bras come in a variety of colors and sizes, so many people can wear them. “With so much advancement in bust innovation, no matter your bust size or skin tone, everyone really has something to do with it,” explains professional stylist Ariel Tunnell. “For the one who ever said ‘I can’t wear it, Because my boobs are so big!’, it’s incredible, so exciting!”

While wearing lingerie might sound risky, especially if you’re in a situation where sweat is a factor, you’ll be surprised how well the best sticky bras hold up—but the pros have some tips to make sure they’re worn all day, too. All the stylists we consulted said that using a sticky bra to clean dry skin is key. “Avoid using body oils or moisturizers before applying, or they won’t stick or stay in place,” advises Tunnel. She and Gaines recommend cleaning the chest area with rubbing alcohol, letting it dry, and then using a sticky cup. For placement, Shapoff says, “always make sure the sides are the same so they’re even under clothing.”

In the future, stylists and Underscored editors will share their favorite sticky bras and nipple shields for when you need truly invisible underwear, and how to properly clean them to minimize wear and tear.

From $47 at Shopbop or $45 at Amazon

Nubra Adhesive Seamless Push-Up Bra

All the stylists we spoke to said Nubra was the best — Tunnell called it “the gold standard for sticky bras.” She and Shapoff chose the seamless push-up as their favorite, but mentioned that several styles the brand makes are excellent.

From $14 on Amazon

Mitaloo Push Up Strapless Self-Adhesive Bra

“This winged shape of the Amazon is very effective at creating cleavage and lift,” says Tunnell. “Excellent value for money!”

$30 $24 on Amazon

Just Behavior Strapless Adhesive Bra

For more coverage, contributing editor Tobey Grumet recommends this option. The push-up style features clear wings and a clear, removable halter strap for when you need extra support.

From $19 on Amazon

Niidor Adhesive Strapless Concealed Push Up Bra

A favorite of social leader Stephanie Griffin and TikTok strategist Hannah Lawson, this sticky bra can be used for both push-ups and backless. “I’ve used it about eight times now and it’s still sticky and lasts all night,” says Lawson.

$65 at Amazon and Revolve

Nubra Silicone 3D Bra

“In my opinion, Nubra is still the leader,” Gaines shared. “I love the volume of silicone.” The backless style frames cleavage in the middle, too.

From $30 at Amazon, $38 at Shopbop and Revolve

Nubra Feather Lite Bra

For a lighter option, Gaines recommends Nubra’s Feather Lite bra. “‘Lightweight’ made of lightweight foam is great for maximum lift, as silicone can be a bit heavy if you’re already fighting gravity,” he explained.

From $36 at Amazon or $40 at Shopbop

Fashion Form Sexy Backless Strapless Bra

Fashion Forms has great backless adhesive bras like this seamless sculpted style, says Shapoff. The stylist points out that the brand has a wide range of sizes, from B-cup to H-cup, but there are more shades available.

From $14 on Amazon

Mitaloo Adhesive Push Up Bra

This style is Grumet’s favorite. The lace-up front lets you control the push-up effect, and it’s completely open-back.

$25 at Target or $31 at Walmart

Stylish Styling Women's Amazing Adhesive Strapless Backless Bra

Griffin says she picks up this backless silicone bra every time she goes to Target.

Intimissimi $29

Itimissimi Sheer Back Strapless Bra

“I’ve been a huge fan of Intimissimi for years when I discovered it while living in Italy,” Shapoff said. “The quality is always good and the cost is lower than most companies, they [often] There are special offers. ” This open-back adhesive bra features invisible underwire and sheer sides for extra support.

$13 at Amazon or $15 at Ulta

Hollywood Fashion Secret Silicone Blouse

Tunnell says these are “truly the best in the game. They come in two sizes and four colors and hide more seamlessly under clothes than other brands.” Shapoff is clearly a stylist favorite, and he agrees that these are the best OK “Hollywood Fashion Secrets is one of the most used brands in my styling kit,” says Shapoff.

From $26 at Amazon, Bloomingdales and Shopbop

Nipple Skin for B-Six Adhesive Nipple Shields

A few years ago, I swapped out my full stick cups for these smaller, lighter nipple shields. They’re completely seamless and don’t go through tops, making them a great option for smaller busts. Plus, they’re washable and reusable – I’ve been using the same pair for over a year.

Amazon and Shopbop $33

B-Six Lift Nipple Covers Nipple Skin

Shapoff is also a fan of Nippies. In addition to the original, stylists also recommend these lifting nipple shields. She also noted that the brand comes in a variety of shades.

$46 at Amazon and Shopbop

Commando Top Hat Reusable Nipple Shield

Gaines notes that finding quality nipple shields can be tricky, but his go-to is these silicone adhesives (Shapoff also likes their convenient shell). “I use round silicone most often,” he said. “They can add a little extra roundness, but if the fabric is too thin, you’ll see the outline of the entire cover, which basically makes visibility more prominent.”

Temu $2

Fabric Nipple Stickers, 50 Pairs

Another option is to use disposable flat petal nipple shields, but Gaines again said you need to be careful wearing thin clothing over them or the shape may show. He recommends these lightweight fabric stickers, which you can buy in bulk or similar styles from Amazon. In a pinch, the stylist says even a Band-Aid can work, “but be sure to pull tight when applying.”

Like any other underwear, when caring for a sticky bra, you’ll want to be refined. “The best way to clean sticky bras is to make a soapy solution with a very mild fabric cleaner or special bra soap and wash carefully [hand] Wash and rinse,” says Tunnell. “Leave it outside to dry and it’ll be new and sticky and ready to wear! ”

Between wears, Shapoff recommends keeping the cups in their original packaging. “I also like to stick plastic [film] Go back to each cup as an extra layer of protection,” says the stylist. “Always keep sticky bras in a safe container when not wearing them. ”

$20 on Amazon

The Laundress delicate wash

Mild laundry detergents, such as those used to wash underwear, can effectively clean sticky bras without breaking the adhesive.

Nubra $9

Nubra Nu wash

Stylist favorite Nubra has made a cleanser just for its sticky bras, so you know you can get the most out of their stickiness.

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