“Stinky“: Rare orchids found in Cambridge Botanic Garden, smell like dead mice and rotting cabbage | DayDayNews

The University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens has revealed what it calls a “special gift” to plant lovers – and it’s “totally stink”.

The garden’s Facebook page says visitors will know they’re close to an orchid when they begin to smell the “subtle aroma of rotting cabbage.”

“The smell has also been described as smelling like dead mice rotting next to rotting fish.

“It smells great to carrion flies and beetles that pollinate it in the wild.”

This orchid was collected from Papua New Guinea and is rarely seen blooming outside its natural habitat.

The botanical garden says it is thriving thanks to the care of its volunteer orchid expert Phil.

“Our greenhouse team thinks it will peak soon,” they said.

“Only time will tell if it’s Halloween, but we can confirm if you’re getting friendly and approaching it now, you won’t be disappointed!”

Phalaenopsis has a pleasant aroma at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.Credit: Cambridge Botanic Gardens
Phalaenopsis.Photo: Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Bad-smelling plants and flowers often do this to attract insects and flies that typically lay their eggs in feces and decaying material.

Attracted by the stench, they end up pollinating them before leaving.

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