Seventh named seasonal storm forms in mid-Atlantic

Tropical Storm Gaston formed in the mid-Atlantic on Tuesday, but unlike its counterpart Hurricane Fiona and disturbances off the coast of South America, Gaston will continue to rotate primarily over open water.

Gaston was last reported about 1,000 miles from the Azores and has the potential to intensify into a severe tropical storm due to unusually warm waters.

The National Hurricane Center estimated maximum sustained winds of about 40 mph with strong gusts and moving north.

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Tracking Storm Gaston
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The Fox Forecast Center expects the steering airflow leading Gaston to collapse over the next few days, sending the tropical storm meandering over the North Atlantic.

The marine interests and residents of the Azores are encouraged to monitor the progress and potential impacts of the cyclone.

The Azores are about 900 miles off the coast of Europe and nearly 3,900 miles off the east coast of the United States.

Waves from the tropical storm are expected to reach the Azores later this week. These swells can cause life-threatening surf and riptide conditions.

Predicted track and intensity of Tropical Storm Gaston
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The Atlantic hurricane season reaches its climatic peak in September. 10

Two other systems are currently being tracked in the Atlantic Ocean: Hurricane Fiona and Investment 98L, which could become the next tropical depression and possibly Tropical Storm Hermione in the coming days.

Tropical Profile of the Atlantic Basin.
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