Save $50+ on the Meta Quest 2 Bundle at Amazon for Black Friday

Ready to finally understand what all the hype surrounding virtual reality is? The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) is currently on sale as part of a special Black Friday bundle that includes everything you need to use our favorite VR headset out of the box.

The Meta Quest 2 Black Friday bundle is available now at most major retailers, starting at $350, and includes Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 (two absolutely must-have games) for free. That’s $50 less than the price of Meta Quest 2 itself, and considering the games usually cost $30 and $40 respectively, you’ll save about $120 in total. If you need more storage, the 256GB version of the bundle is available for as low as $430, a savings of $70 (you can check out our Quest 2 storage comparison to help choose the right one).

It’s worth noting that the price of the Quest 2 jumped earlier this year, from $299 to $399 for the 128GB model, and from $399 to $499 for the 256GB model. So while the headset isn’t the cheapest headset ever, this discounted bundle helps offset the price increase — and when you factor in the free software you get, it’s the best headset we’ve seen on a Quest 2. good overall value.

The Meta Quest 2 has long been our pick for the best VR headset, thanks in large part to its ease of use and great library of games and apps. This completely wireless, self-contained headset doesn’t require any external sensors or hardware, and its software options run the gamut from immersive arcade games like Pistol Whip and Tetris Effect to calorie-burning workout experiences like Supernatural and FitXR (there are many more to come). entertainment, social and productivity apps for those who want to live in the metaverse).

Even better, you get two of the best Quest 2 games right out of the box. Beat Saber’s musical cube-cutting action will have you sweating in minutes, while Resident Evil 4 VR brings an immersive first-person perspective to one of the most iconic horror games of all time. And once you’re ready to stock up on your game library, through November 12th, the Quest Store is offering deep discounts on a ton of great games. 29.

You probably won’t see a better Quest 2 deal than this for the rest of the year, so if you’ve been on the fence about this popular headset, now’s the time to buy it.

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