San Antonio city council member suspended indefinitely after outburst at council meeting

in a San Antonio City Council Meeting On September 15, Councilman Mario Bravo (District 1) publicly rebuked Councilwoman Ana Sandoval (District 7).

Mayor Ron Nirenberg has suspended Bravo indefinitely due to his actions and is investigating possible penalties.

Debate revolves around proposed alternative to Central Public Service (CPS) energy rebate Since it was proposed in early August, it has caused heated debate. The idea for the rebate came from a windfall of $75,000,000 in CPS income.

The rebate will be charged to each taxpayer’s monthly electricity bill of $30, with varying support from the City Council.

Bravo believes the rebate is pointless and recommends that the money be used for weather protection measures to prevent power outages and damage from extreme weather events. He claims the proposal will save taxpayers $300 a year in energy.

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Diane Russ, executive director of the Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG), echoed his thoughts, telling him that the city would not have the people or supply chain capacity to weather homes at the scale he proposed.

AACOG’s Weathering Assistance Program helps insulate homes to reduce electricity costs for low-income households.

Speaking to the council later, Bravo said: “Yes, there are supply chain issues, yes, there are labor issues, but when you talk to a psychologist, you have to distinguish between ‘can’t’ and ‘wouldn’t’.”

“The problem here is not that we can’t, it’s that some people here won’t.”

Later in the meeting, he called out Sandoval directly: “My proposal was criticized by the mayor and Councilman Sandoval for the lack of details, but I am [her] proposal. “

“I see a lack of equity components. I’ve searched the document and can’t find any matches, which worries me a bit.”

He continued to publicly criticize Sandoval, prompting Andy Segovia, the city’s chief legal counsel, to condemn Bravo.

Speaking of Bravo, Segovia asserted, “The point of etiquette I’m trying to make is that your comments should be about policy, not MPs.”

“I didn’t speak directly to council members, I planned,” Bravo countered.

Bravo and Sandoval were in a previous romantic relationship, and According to city staffhe told her before the meeting that she didn’t support his proposal was the reason why he didn’t have a baby with her.

Bravo’s actions were serious enough that Nirenberg suspended all his committee assignments indefinitely.One statement The mayor said:[Bravo] Has been suspended from its current City Council committee assignments and outside appointments until further notice. “

“Everyone should be treated with respect and professionalism, but elected officials should uphold the highest standards,” he continued.

from now on independent investigation Actions to be taken in this situation are being assessed.

Possible punishments include permanently stripping Bravo of his commission assignments, which would damage his ability to make city policy. Bravo is a member of the Transportation, Municipal Utilities and Community Health, Environment and Culture committees.

his name is already pull From the website of City Council committee members.

in a statement TwitterBravo wrote, “All members of the council should be respected at all times. I have failed to do so under the circumstances. I regret this and I wholeheartedly apologise to Congresswoman Sandoval. .” hey-hey it is said A similar letter of apology was emailed to other city council members and staff.

U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-TX-23) chimed in on Twitter after Bravo’s suspension, Say“Congressman Bravo needs to resign immediately. He’s acting beyond a line, and a half-hearted ‘sorry’ email won’t fix it.”

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