Ravens vs Dolphins score: Tua Tagovailoa throws 6 TDs to lead Miami’s shock 4th-quarter comeback

If there’s any reason to show why Tua Tagovailoa is Miami’s team quarterback, Sunday’s stunning fourth-quarter comeback against the Baltimore Ravens should silence doubters. Tagovailoa threw four touchdowns in the fourth quarter as the Miami Dolphins rebounded from a 21-point deficit to shock the Ravens 42-38.

Tagovailoa threw the winning touchdown pass to Jaylen Waddle with 14 seconds left for a massive comeback — and tied the Dolphins’ franchise record with six touchdown passes in a game . The Dolphins were united behind the Big Three: Tagovailoa, Waddle and Tyreek Hill — as Miami’s top two receivers caught three touchdown passes in the final quarter to help Miami out of trouble.

Hill received a 48-yard touchdown pass and a 60-yard touchdown pass from Tagovaloa in 2:28 to tie the game with 5:19 left. He had 11 catches for 190 yards and two touchdowns, while Waddle had 11 catches for 171 yards and two touchdowns. Tagovailoa finished 36-of-50 for 469 yards with six touchdowns and two interceptions (both in the first half) and a 124.1 passer rating.

The Ravens led 35-14 after trailing by three-quarters of Lamar Jackson, who finished on 21-of-29 shooting for 318 yards and three touchdowns, rushing for 119 yards and scoring nine times. Jackson was the first player to complete a 75-yard passing touchdown and a 75-yard rushing touchdown in a game. He also entered his 11th 100-yard rushing game as a quarterback, breaking Michael Wake’s record in NFL history.

The Dolphins never held the lead until a game-winning TD.

It’s the NFL’s annual game, and you can check out the highlights in the live blog below!

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