NFL player Damar Hamlin out of hospital in 48 hours – reveals how $8.6M donation will be spent | US News

NFL player Damar Hamlin is expected to be discharged from hospital within the next 48 hours – it has been revealed how he will use the $8.6m (£7m) donated to his GoFundMe page.

The 24-year-old’s heart had to restart twice after his Sudden collapse and cardiac arrest On Jan. 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He was said to remain in “critical condition” last Thursday at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, but was transferred to a hospital in Buffalo on Monday.

(L to R) Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin goes down after tackling Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.Image: Joseph Maiorana - USA TODAY Sports
Image: Joseph Maiorana – USA TODAY Sports

The recovering Buffalo Bills star is undergoing further testing before doctors deem him fit to leave the hospital.

Kaleida Health’s senior vice president and chief administrative officer, Michael Hughes, who runs the Buffalo General Medical Center where Hamlin is being treated, told CNN he was healthy enough to leave the facility within 48 hours.

Hamlin’s medical team said they would also “potentially treat any pathology that may be identified and develop a plan for his recovery, discharge and recovery.”

In a statement, the Buffalo Bills said Hamlin was “in good spirits,” and head coach Sean McDermott said he saw him briefly on Tuesday.

“[Hamlin’s] Just tired, but he seemed happy to be back in Buffalo and the area he knew,” McDermott said.

“What a blessing that he’s made unbelievable progress and he’s been taken care of unbelievably in Cincinnati and now here. So we’re very grateful for that. Thank you Damar for coming back and resting here in Buffalo.”

Hamlin also felt good enough to post his own update yesterday – telling fans he’s “not home yet”.

The football star has been recovering quickly, progressing from being on a ventilator to communicating through written messages – then breathing on his own and talking to family, doctors and teammates.

He started walking and eating normally on weekends, according to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page Hamlin set up to support young people through education and sports after Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest raised $8.6 million compared to an original goal of just $2,500.

He is said to be using some of the proceeds from the sale of new “Did We Win?” T-shirts. Along with his hands in the shape of a heart, to raise money for the Cincinnati medical facility that treated him.

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Dharma Hamlin.Photo: Associated Press
Dharma Hamlin.Photo: Associated Press

Hamlin partnered with The Giving Back Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps athletes and celebrities manage their charitable giving, to host “The Chasing M’s Foundation.” Chasing M’s is Hamlin’s clothing company.

A GoFundMe representative said the crowdfunding platform will soon transfer donations received since its collapse.

Hamlin and his family are “humbled by the tremendous support he has received throughout his recovery,” said his marketing representative, Jordon Rooney.

“They are very grateful for the continued prayers and outpouring of concerns from people around the world.”

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