New Google chatbot’s costly mistake wipes out $100 billion in market cap | Tech News

Google has stressed the need for “rigorous testing” of its much-anticipated chatbot after its parent company lost $100bn (£82.7bn) for giving wrong answers in official ads.

error exposed Bard AI promotional tweet from the official account of the tech giant.

Answer questions about NASA James Webb Space TelescopeBard falsely asserted that it was used to take the first pictures of Earth’s extrasolar planet.

The first picture of such an exoplanet was actually taken in 2004 by the Very Large Telescope.

Eagle-eyed followers were quick to spot the bug, which still persists GoogleTwitter page for , which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times at the time of writing.

“This highlights the importance of a rigorous testing process, which we will be launching this week through our Trusted Tester program,” a company spokesman said.

“We will combine external feedback with our own internal testing to ensure that Bard’s responses meet high standards in terms of quality, security and grounding of real-world information.”

It was too late not to affect shares of parent company Alphabet, which fell as much as 9% in regular trading, wiping tens of billions of dollars off its market value by the end of Wednesday.

The error occurred a few days after the company was established unveiling bardits highly anticipated competitor Chat GPTand began a marketing blitz to get the public ready for a full rollout in the coming weeks.

Bard not only has to fight against OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but also against Improved Microsoft Bing search engine It leverages the same so-called large language model technique.

google and Microsoft It is believed that such AIs could change the way we search the web, as they can provide more detailed and conversational answers to queries rather than just returning a list of links.

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New Bing features a ChatGPT-style chatbot.Figure: Microsoft
Microsoft’s new-look Bing features a ChatGPT-style chatbot.Figure: Microsoft

Microsoft bullish on ‘race’ to change search

While Google has been cautious about the rollout of its chatbot technology, Only an extremely limited software version has been released so farBud’s mistake remains an awkward moment.

One of the main problems with these AI models is whether their answers are as accurate as reality, and ChatGPT has been found to often speak confidently when confronted with a question.

Bard and Microsoft’s new-look Bing bot, also announced this week, both aim to address those concerns by providing citations and a real-time look at current events.

The refreshed Bing has been well-received since its launch on Monday, following a multibillion-dollar investment from Windows maker OpenAI.

While Google has become synonymous with web search for the past 25 years, Microsoft boss Satya Nadella optimistically declared on Tuesday that “the race starts today” as he announced plans to reinvent the search experience.

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Will this chatbot replace humans?

Google ‘scrambles’ to stay ahead

Gil Luria, senior software analyst at DA Davidson, said Google has been “scrambling” to catch up since ChatGPT’s meteoric rise late last year, sparking an AI arms race among traditional tech giants.

The New York Times reported that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were called back to help them add ChatGPT-like features to their search engine, which was launched more than 25 years ago.

Despite Bard’s failed launch, Google certainly still has a huge advantage over its rivals — it’s the most visited website in the world, with an estimated 92% share of the search engine market last year.

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