Morris College Building Innovation Technology Lab

The lab is currently under construction and is scheduled to open at the end of October. Students will be able to play esports and learn to code in the space.

SUMTER, S.C. — Morris College is building an innovative technology lab that students will soon be able to use recreationally and academically. They can play esports while learning coding and game development in the new space.

The laboratory is in the science building. Soon, students will use it for virtual sports.

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“It can be basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, you name it, in the virtual realm of esports,” explained Morris College Dean Leroy Staggers. “You can compete in eSports with colleges and universities across the country and around the world.”

In addition to recreational opportunities, it will also be used to teach coding and video game development.

“It’s just a very exciting field,” Staggs said.

Fahat Omar is a freshman at the university. He said he was excited about the lab’s opening.

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“I think it’s a big step forward for something like a lesser-known university. So I think it brings a lot of attention to the school,” Omar continued. “I think it’s going to bring a lot of attention to students because nothing like this is happening around the school.”

The lab will be open to students like Omar and Sumter residents.

“One of the things we love to do is invite the community into our campus spaces,” Staggs added.

The school also offers a microprogramming certificate, which will be taught in this space. From cybersecurity to entrepreneurship, there are over 1,000 certificates to choose from.

“Anyone on our campus, in Sumter, in South Carolina, or anywhere in the world can actually enroll and take these classes to get certified,” Staggs told me.

According to Staggers, the academy is preparing to open the lab by the end of October.

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