Make Holiday Gifts Special This Year with a Book with Story Worth

A truly personalized, heartfelt holiday gift that doesn’t require mailing sounds too good to be true, but with Storyworth, you can give them a last-minute gift that’s far better than a pair of socks. Storyworth is a service that collects your loved ones’ favorite stories and memories and preserves them in beautifully bound books. Subscribe to Email Questions so you can send gifts instantly. Plus, you can currently take $10 off your holiday orders through January 1st. 1.

Many families have legends that have been told again and again over the years – those precious anecdotes you can recite – but they don’t necessarily touch on what your father was like when you were young, or how your grandmother changed over the years . While each family has a unique treasure trove of iconic stories, there are plenty of things we don’t talk about—ones that aren’t necessarily ones to laugh out loud at a dinner party.

Storyworth is a service designed to capture those cherished memories—even the ones that are hard to talk about—over the course of a year into one gorgeous book.

Get a year of storytelling and a beautifully bound book

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Recipients of Storyworth will receive weekly questions designed to prompt forgotten stories. At the end of the year, Storyworth has collected all the stories and put them in one beautiful book. Get $10 off before January. 1.

By signing up for the company’s year-long storytelling program, your dad, grandma, or any other loved one will receive a weekly question designed to bring to life a long-buried memory or unearth a previously unknown perspective. For example, what beliefs do they have that differ from yours? Or what was their first boss like? How do they like to spend their lazy day? What do they appreciate most about their family?

Once they answer the question—they can change the question if they feel uninspired, or you can curate the question if you want to learn specific things about them—the anecdote is saved to their account if they If you like, you can also share with your loved ones weekly via email.

Story Value Update 2

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At the end of the year, the stories were collected into a beautiful hardcover book, complete with photos and captions (which they could choose to include in their responses). Your relative can go into their online account or the Storyworth app to adjust any responses and make final edits to the entire book before publication. And voila! Memoir created!

After using the service for a few months, I have to say that Storyworth is one sentimental, feel-good gift to give this year, perfect for any birthday, anniversary or holiday. Whether you’re signing up for your parents, siblings, or spouse, or even if you’re a storyteller yourself, you’ll find that the weekly emails connect you with family and drive positive, dynamic conversations that would otherwise be Conversation doesn’t happen.

Plus, you’ll find yourself suddenly meeting someone you’ve known your whole life! Yes, a nice souvenir delivered a year later is something you’ll all love (extra copies can be purchased for $39+), but the real value of Storyworth lies in its ability to bring families closer together through previously untold stories.

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