Liverpool owner Fenway Sports ‘will consider new shareholders’

Liverpool boss John Henry and Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool boss John Henry (second from left) and manager Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool’s bosses say they “will consider new shareholders” following reports that the club is imminent for sale.

FSG said it was “fully committed to Liverpool’s success, both on and off the pitch”.

Last season’s Premier League runners-up Liverpool are eighth in the standings.

They have reached the last 16 of the Champions League, where they will face Real Madrid in last year’s final.

A statement from the FSG read: “With recent rumours of a number of Premier League club ownership changes and changes in ownership, it is inevitable that we are frequently asked about Fenway Sports Group’s ownership in Liverpool.

“FSG frequently receives expressions of interest from third parties interested in becoming shareholders in Liverpool.

“FSG has previously stated that we will consider new shareholders on suitable terms and conditions if it is in the best interests of Liverpool FC.”

The Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool Fans’ League, said it hoped fans would be consulted in any negotiations involving the club’s new owners.

“We have seen reports today that FSG has put Liverpool Football Club up for sale,” it said in a statement.

“Spirit of Shankly has written to Liverpool asking for clarification and is awaiting a response before commenting. However, we do want the Supporters Council and SOS to be involved in some parts of the process so that supporters are front and centre of any sale And the first thoughts of potential owners.

“I’ll know about you when I have any news.”

FSG bought Liverpool under the old name New England Sports Ventures for £300m.

Basketball star LeBron James has been part-owner of Liverpool since 2011, owning a 2% stake that cost him £4.7m.

he has since then become a friend At FSG, it also owns the baseball team the Boston Red Sox.

In March, private investment firm RedBird Capital Partners, Buy shares in FSGexternal link About $735 million (£533 million).

Liverpool’s main boss, John W. Henry Apologize to fans In April 2021, following the club’s withdrawal from the proposed European Premier League.

This summer, Liverpool signed striker Darwin Nunes for £64m, midfielder Fabio Carvalho for £5m and defender for £4.2m Calvin Ramsay.

“Sometimes I’m ready to take more risks, but I don’t decide, which is fine,” Manager Jurgen Klopp says in August.


Football finance expert Kieran Maguire on BBC Radio 5 Live

Fenway Sports Group saw Chelsea sell for an astonishing price (£4.25bn) and they have another rival at Newcastle United. The Champions League’s six-for-four and seven-for-four are even worse.

The Newcastle boss bought the club for the same price FSG paid for Liverpool – £300m. If they consider an offer, FSG could easily sell for 10 times more – if not more, and the Premier League remains a very lucrative proposition for investors and ultra-high-value individuals.

The current weakness in the pound makes the deal even more attractive if these investors are from overseas.

Arsenal haven’t played in the Champions League for five years and Liverpool bosses will be mindful of the losses Arsenal could suffer during that time. They’re not going to want it for their own business, because they’re very cautious about putting extra money into it, and they might think it’s a good time to sell – or certainly see what options the club cares about.

It is likely that mainly US investors are focusing on Liverpool. The Chinese government has discouraged its businesses from investing in football, so it’s an area that has disappeared. I’m not sure how many people in the country would actually buy Liverpool for almost £4bn.

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