Lao police seize methamphetamine tablets in one of biggest busts

BANGKOK (AP) – Authorities in Laos have made the third largest seizure of methamphetamine ever, confiscating 33 million methamphetamine tablets and 500 kilograms (1,100 kilograms), an official with the United Nations anti-crime agency said Saturday. lbs) crystal methamphetamine.

Jeremy Douglas, the UNODC regional representative, said 200,000 pills were found in a truck on Friday night when it was stopped at a checkpoint in the northwestern province of Bojo , causing a huge depression. The operation exposed a trafficking ring and its schemes, resulting in much larger seizures following the interrogation of drivers.

Douglas noted that the truck was parked near King Rome Casino, a special economic zone in Laos that operates almost autonomously under national law. Such areas are located in neighbouring countries such as Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, which have lax law enforcement and struggle with organised crime.

The largest drug seizure in Laos – and one of the largest in Asia – was last October, when police in the province seized more than 55.6 million methamphetamine pills and about 1,500 kilograms (3,300 pounds) in a raid Meth, according to Lao media reports.

The country’s second-largest seizure of 36.5 million methamphetamine pills occurred in January, also in Bojo.

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