Kanye West returns to Twitter with ‘safe’ post six weeks after anti-Semitic ban | US News

Kanye West has returned to Twitter using the Hebrew word “shalom” after his account was previously blocked for anti-Semitic posts.

He posted the word – usually translated as “peace” but also used as a greeting or farewell – with a smiling emoji on Sunday night.

A few hours earlier, he had tweeted: “Test test to see if my twitter works” – to which new Twitter owner Elon Musk replied: “Don’t kill what you hate, save what you like s things”.

Western Twitter and Instagram accounts are restricted In October, after his post, he will “participate in Death Scam 3 against Jews.”

He was apparently reinstated on Twitter a few weeks later — before the Twitter sale was finalized, musk said at the time.

But after a few tweets in early November, The west said he was Do a 30-day “oral fast” And abstaining from alcohol, “adult movies” and sex.

His last post before Sunday was on November 4th.

West’s fans – also known as Ye – seemed delighted to see him back after his brief absence, with his “test” tweet racking up 678,000 likes in five hours.

The rapper has been shut out of many businesses after posting anti-Semitic remarks, Most notably Adidas, which ended their lucrative Yeezy sneaker deal.

When the controversy ended last month, West announced he was Buy fringe social network Parler – A platform popular with conservatives.

Ye’s latest tweet comes from Donald Trump’s Twitter account restored The weekend after nearly two years.

He was allowed back after Musk conducted an online poll of users — a narrow victory for the former president.

Mr Trump was banned after the siege of the US Capitol in January 2021.

However, the former president said he won’t be posting anytime soon after launching his own social network, Truth Social.

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