iPad sale: Apple’s latest tablet hits record low price

If you’re looking to upgrade your tech or splurge on holiday gifts, we think the latest iPad (now on sale for the first time) is a solid choice. The 10th generation iPad offers a new design with useful upgrades like USB-C, 5G support and a larger, more immersive screen. Weighing only 1 pound, this lightweight tablet is a joy to use—and it’s beautiful, faster than anything in its price range, and it offers an unrivaled software experience.

With a sleek redesign and powerful software, the latest iPad is ideal for everything from casual gaming to upgraded WFH setups. Buy it now at an all-time low price.

Now, this iPad is discounted for the first time since it was released in October, so you can buy a new model for the lowest price ever. Choose the spec you want and save $50 on blue, pink, yellow, and silver colorways.

If you’re buying your first iPad or upgrading from a seventh-generation or older model, it’s great value for money. One of the only complaints we have about this model is its cost — depending on your tech priorities, the Air or Mini may be a better fit for your needs — but at this all-time low price, it’s certainly a solid buy .

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