Herschel Walker: Former NFL star and Senate candidate accused by second wife of forcing her to have an abortion | US News

Despite Herschel Walker’s claims against abortion, another woman accused Herschel Walker of paying for her termination.

Former NFL star Walker will run for Senate from his home state of Georgia in next month’s midterm elections. His campaign focused on family values ​​and criticized absent fathers, but it turned out he had unseen children.

He also seized on what could be one of the defining issues of the midterm elections, the right to choose or not to choose an abortion. Mr Walker described himself as pro-life and said abortion was “a woman who kills babies”.

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker denies the women’s claims and says he will win Senate seat

But two women now claim they were conceived by him, and he then pressured them to terminate the pregnancy.

The latest woman to break her silence, speaking on condition of anonymity, said she and Walker had an affair for six years, during which time she became pregnant.

“After discussing the pregnancy many times with Herschel, he encouraged me to have an abortion and gave me the money to do it,” the woman said.

“I went to a clinic but couldn’t take it. I left the clinic in tears. When I told Herschel what had happened, he was upset and said he was going to the clinic with me the next day. The next day, He drove me to the clinic and waited in the parking lot for hours until I came out. Then he drove me to get my prescriptions and supplies and drove me home,” she added.

The woman’s voice trembled when she claimed Mr Walker had distanced himself from her after that day in April 1993.

Herschel Walker and Donald Trump at a rally in Georgia in 2021
Herschel Walker and Donald Trump at a rally in Georgia in 2021

Woman feels ‘pressured’ to have an abortion

“I was frustrated because I felt like I was forced to have an abortion,” she said.

She also denied that her decision to speak out was politically motivated. “I’m a registered independent who voted for former President Trump in the last two elections,” she said. “I don’t think Herschel is morally fit to be a U.S. Senator.”

The woman is represented by Hollywood attorney Gloria Allred. She showed documents — a photo of Walker in a hotel room, a Holiday Inn receipt and a series of love letters — which she said proved the woman was telling the truth.

Walker dismisses allegations as ‘nonsense’

Earlier this month, Mr Walker denied claims by another anonymous woman that he paid her for an abortion in 2009.

On the campaign trail, Walker dismissed the latest allegations as nonsense.

“Now the Democrats are doing everything they can to win this seat,” he said.

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“But I want them to know they don’t know Herschel Walker. When I played this game, I told them I was going to win. They know now that I’m going to win.”

Mr Walker’s opponent is another well-known face, Pastor Rafael Warnock, a pro-abortion priest. Their game is likely to come to an end.

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