Harry and Meghan face royal questions at awards show – Netflix release looms | US News

Harry and Meghan faced a barrage of questions as they arrived at the awards ceremony in New York – hours before their new documentary was due to be released on Netflix.

As the pair walked the red carpet, the Duke was asked if he puts money above family – but didn’t respond directly.

“So many questions,” Harry was heard saying as they were escorted to a gala organized by the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Organization (RFKHR).

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been honored with the Ripple of Hope Award for their work on racial justice and mental health.

a clip or Harry Courtesy of the organisers, Harry joked about what he thought during an on-stage Q&A Megan Take him on a “date night.”

Talking to RFKHR president Kerry Kennedy on stage, Harry said: “Honestly, Kerry, I just thought we were just going on a date night, so I found it weird that we were sharing a room with 1,500 people .

“We don’t go out very much these days because our kids are so young and it’s totally unexpected.”

Meghan added: “Thank you for taking me through this very special date night.”

While no one could possibly have expected them to don full metal jackets on royals in this forum, it’s conceivable that racism as an issue might have been discussed – and aired publicly – based on relevance and importance.

But what Harry and Meghan had to say on the subject was influential and was obtained elsewhere.

This media-savvy couple had an investment to protect.

They will be pleased that an internationally renowned group of opinion-formers like RFK Human Rights has rewarded their efforts to change the racist narrative.

In doing so, it validates their story and only reinforces the notion that there is a problem within the royal family — an issue Meghan brought up in a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan and Harry. Image: Netflix
Meghan and Harry. Image: Netflix

the Lord is U.S.The media generally believed in royal fairytales, and the coverage was appropriately tearful and sympathetic.

That changes with the hard news, and coverage of Harry and Meghan is grim and analytical.

The royal family, as an institution, is limited in how far it can rebut. Unlike Harry and Meghan, they are free to swing the wrecking ball.

Just how far… We’ll find out soon.

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