Gregg Popovich focused on San Antonio Spurs process, not victory

The San Antonio Spurs are expected to finish at the bottom of the Western Conference standings this upcoming season. With expectations for winning totals low, there is clearly a need to emphasize player development.

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is well aware of the current reality facing the organization. He jokingly told reporters at media day not to go to Las Vegas and bet his team on winning the NBA Finals this upcoming season.

“I probably shouldn’t have said that,” Popovich said. “But I would say that no one here should go to Vegas with the idea of ​​betting on us winning a championship. I know someone will say, ‘Oh my God, Debbie Downer is amazing. There’s a chance, if Are they really working hard? It probably won’t happen, but that’s not the point.”

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