Girlfriend Collective, Cuup, Calpak and more: Product releases of the week

There are tons of great products coming out every week – and as always, we’re here to keep you updated on the best of them all. Every week, we put together a short list of our favorite products from the past 7 days for you to shop for your morning coffee or a quick break (trust, it’s the only list you’ll ever need to stay with the latest of these things).

This week saw the launch of Girlfriend Collective’s ReSet athleisure accessories, Knix bust-fitting bras, Calpak’s new Stevyn Rolling Duffel, and more.

Shop our favorite new releases below, but hurry up—they easily sell out.

Girlfriend Collective’s Reset and Floating Collection

girlfriend collective

Can we wear generic, comfortable clothes for the entire weekend? We are listening. Girlfriend Collective’s ReSet Collection just added fall-only colors and new styles. New in black and comet, your favorite layering pieces this season include fitted long-sleeve tees, turtleneck half-zips, and scoop tops. The brand’s Float collection also recently added five new styles and two new colorways to the Everglade and Dew Drop. New product? Gigi Crossover bra, Ultralight Split culottes and more.


Your clothes should fit your body, not the other way around. It’s a particularly tricky adage to feel empowered when it comes to bras and their myriad fit issues (cup gaps, digging straps). So far: Knix’s revolutionary bra is designed to fit your body the first time you put it on, and it doesn’t involve any wires – just some casual 3D-printed stabilizers that prove some bras are finally coming out of 20 century.

CUUP’s new pink and red


CUUP’s solid-color underwear and bras just added a new addition to their rainbow collection: a deep magenta called Mulberry. Of course, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s important to note that CUUP will be donating 20% ​​of the purchase price of all exclusive packs and bundles to The Pink Agenda in support of breast cancer research. Resurfaced for the occasion? In addition to the new Mulberry, there are rose and pale rose.

​​​Charlotte Tilbury’s New Eye Makeup and Palette

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has launched three new products in preparation for fall and holiday looks. Add a little shimmer to your everyday look with the Lightgasm Crystal Eyeliner, which comes in a universal shade designed to accentuate the eyes with a chrome-like effect, plus the Hypnotic Pop Lens Eyeshadow, which comes in two new textures (Chrome Wet Effect or Shimmery) luminous finish). For the rest of your face, there’s the Pillow Talk Face Palette with pearlescent highlighter and matte blush.


Monograms are of course a classic option, but July takes it a step further with a new way to personalize your luggage: include a photo of your pet. Just upload an image; July will describe it and send it to you for approval within a few days, then you can use it to personalize July items of your choice, from beverage bottles to carry-on luggage. The service costs between $25 and $50, but you can also use high-resolution renderings for other artistic purposes.


Yeti’s Insulated Rambler Containers keep drinks cold and drinks hot, whether you’re putting a slim can in one of the coolers or sipping your morning coffee from a 30-ounce glass. Now, they’ve launched a new limited-edition ice pink as part of the company’s pledge to donate $100,000 between two breast cancer-related nonprofits.

Festive kits for samosas and more – plus new spice-inspired shades

our place

Our place’s latest drop is a timely nod to Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, and India’s biggest festival. This year, it happened in October. 24. To help the chef prepare all the food, there’s a new Fry Set with a skimmer by Lekha founder Trishala Bhansali, a gorgeous metal cooling rack by artist and illustrator Manjit Thapp and two for lighting the diyas.


Home-delivery plant company Bloomscape has just launched a new line of plants in tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Pink Collection will offer 20% of its net sales to Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit throughout October. Plants in the new collection have pink flowers and other touches beyond green: Added plants include pink anthurium, pink bromeliad and pink Aglaonema.

Cloud Paper x Death & Co. Swish Swish Cloth

cloud paper

A good party always involves a spill or two, and sustainable paper products company Cloud Paper has just teamed up with cocktail agency Death & Co to launch limited-edition Swish Cloths that are ready to clean up. Three different designs make up a trio for $17.99 each.


Some things are better on wheels, and one of them is definitely a duffel bag: being able to walk with a bag over your shoulder is great, but for long distances, wheels always win. For those of us whose trips involve both smooth city streets and rough cobblestones, the convertible option is great, and Calpak’s new Stevyn Rolling Duffel is there for exactly that. Essentially taking its best-selling Stevyn Duffel and adding wheels, this bag is available in pink, moss, black and cheetah, and has a separate shoe pocket for added neatness.

fly by

Fly By Jing takes a twist on their Chili Chips and turns it into a balsamic vinegar, it’s all about Samin Nosrat’s holy pillar of salt, fat, acid and heat. (It was inspired by a recipe that company founder Jing Gao shared with Sam Sifton in a game-changing New York Times feature). The $16 jar is a mix of the brand’s Szechuan chili crisps with soy sauce, aged Szechuan black vinegar, toasted sesame oil—and a little sweat. It’s a super balanced way with lots of umami. It can be used as a seasoning for dumplings and salads, as a marinade for meats and as a marinade for noodles.


Kim’s minimalist style – remember her museum-like house? — Now about to take over your home with her new Skkn By Kim home accessories collection, her first homeware. It features an array of bathroom essentials: vanity, round container, jar, tissue box and wastebasket. They’re not cheap — the line starts at $65 — but they’re made from hand-cast concrete, so they’re probably the last thing you need to buy, too. (Conveniently, they’re also designed to complement her SKKN skincare products.)

Tile Lost and Found Tracker

Lost and Found Labels in the Digital Age

ceramic tile

Once upon a time, we had “if found, please return…” stickers; now we have Tile’s lost and found tags. Just stick them on jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles, or other things that are easy to leave and lose. Use the Tile app to activate the tag, and then if anything is lost, the person who finds the item can (hopefully!) scan the QR code and access the return details.

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