George Town’s Front Street returns to normal business after Hurricane Ian

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCSC) — Georgetown is rapidly returning to normal after Hurricane Ian made landfall Friday afternoon.

East Bay Boat Landing is open like most businesses on Front Street. People have returned to enjoying local food, shopping and cooler weather, walking along the water.

George Town Mayor Carol Jayroe said crews had restored all lost power by late Friday night and most businesses were open Saturday afternoon.

Some ground-level homes along Princes Street and Greenwich Avenue do have water, but town leaders are happy everyone is safe and back to normal quickly.

“I was walking down the street on Saturday and most businesses, 98-99 percent of our businesses, were open,” Jero said.

The storm moved quickly during the day on Friday. So fast that SOCO Grille was able to open for dinner that night.

General Manager Caroline Prince said once the rain stopped and people started assessing the damage, it was a great way to bring citizens together.

“We’re glad we were able to open and serve the people of Georgetown, and the customers who came here had a great time,” Prince said. “You know, we had a hurricane after the party, and after the party, you know it was good. We were busy and hit hard.”

Some businesses and homes near East Bay Park are dealing with flooding, but the most important thing is that everyone is safe.

“Thank you to everyone who participated and worked hard at this event, as well as the residents who assisted with the cleanup and clean-up of their own properties,” Jero said. “So thank you, I think we’re really grateful that we’ve been hurt the least and our prayers are of course to our people in the north and south.”

City Crews worked Saturday morning through Monday afternoon to clear debris and get all services back on time.

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