“Emily in Paris” Makeup Artist Shares 8 Beauty Essentials from the Show

Packed with juicier drama, edgy fashion and bold beauty, the new season of “Emily in Paris” hits Netflix in December. 21, just in time to provide us with plenty of new year style inspo.

Within the first two minutes of the third installment in the series, we see Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, cut her hair into bangs, transforming her appearance dramatically. New tassels set the tone for this season’s beautiful looks—a little more French and a little more dramatic.

“We wanted to make the makeup evolve in a way that had more fun and more French glamour,” said Aurélie Payen, the show’s lead makeup artist. “We had to make some statements in the hair and makeup to show that she was happening. Variety.”

Not only did Emily’s new hairdo show her embrace of Paris — bangs brought in some “French cool attitude,” according to Penn — but it also made her bold lipstick the centerpiece of her look. “[Emily] Very talkative She has a lot to say. So we need to focus on the mouth,” Payen explains. There were bright lip colors in seasons one and two, but they became more emotional, especially in season three, which tended toward strong red tint.

Likewise, viewers see the evolution of Emily’s friends Mindy (played by x) and Camille (played by Camille Razat). When Mindy lands a gig at a jazz club, she takes center stage in super glam fashion and makeup. Meanwhile, we see Camille working at an art gallery, her style matching the creative environment, her good looks adding an edge through graphic lining.

To create a vibrant beauty look, Payen relies on a range of French products. From Parisian staples like Payot and Talika to global hits from L’Oreal and Lancôme, make-up and skincare on-site add an extra touch of French flair.

Here, Payen shares eight French beauty products she’s using behind the scenes.consider them a little joy (“A little treat”) and add them to your own routine for effortless French-girl style.

Skin prep is essential to a makeup look that can last throughout a lengthy shoot. “I really love getting a massage before applying makeup because it really relaxes the skin,” shares Payen. This quartz roller is the most popular massage and depuffing beauty tool on the scene.

Payen loves these reusable eye masks from Parisian brand Talika. They’re perfect for refreshing tired eyes, as they provide ceramides and shea butter to plump and moisturize the under-eye area.

Collins’ makeup this season was all about the lips. The makeup artist used this long-wearing matte lipstick in shades of French Idol, Rouge Pigalle, and Mademoiselle Lupita to give her lips a fuller look. “I like to use matte shades because they give more depth,” says Payen.

According to Payen, Camille’s character is “the essence of the French girl,” and we can see it in her effortless style. She’s never overly groomed, but her looks have become more experimental in both fashion and beauty.

“When we were shooting ‘Emily in Paris,’ we were very focused on what fashion is now, how we live now, and it can be avant-garde,” Payne said. Reflecting the adventurous spirit of the current trend, Payen transforms it into Camille’s bold graphic eyeliner with this precision point pen.

The beauty trick Payen uses to keep her skin looking natural is to apply translucent powder only on the T-zone. This way, you can control the shine without your makeup looking too heavy. “It’s really important to actually see the skin under the makeup,” says Payen. This makeup artist-favorite setting powder is so sheer that Payen loves all skin tones because it doesn’t look chalky.

To keep skin looking refreshed throughout the day, Payen keeps this face mist on hand. A few sprays create a lightweight layer of hydration that you can pat into skin before touching up.

Shooting in summer means sunscreen is a must. Payen opted for this French drugstore favorite, which she says is “not heavy on the skin, but very soft.”

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