Elon Musk to start Twitter layoffs within hours – Office shutdown Tech News

Twitter employees will find out later today, a week after Elon Musk’s acquisition, whether they will be fired.

The social network’s offices are temporarily closed and workers will find out their fate at 4pm UK time.

Those who lose their jobs will receive an email to their personal email address, while employees who remain will receive an email to their work account.

“In order to put Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process of laying off our global workforce on Friday,” an internal memo said.

“We recognize that this will affect the many individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the success of the company moving forward,” it said.

“If you are at the office or on your way to the office, please go home,” it added.

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Twitter It said it would suspend all badge access “to help keep every employee and Twitter’s systems and customer data secure.”

A Twitter employee told NBC News that this is the first message employees have received since Musk’s Oct. 27 acquisition.

“It’s total chaos, the house is falling down and everyone is looking at this email,” they said.

Employees have started sharing messages of support with each other on Twitter, using the workplace hashtag #OneTeam – one tweet: “Just lost access to my Twitter email and Slack. This is so unreal.”

Bloomberg News reported Friday that Twitter is being sued over layoffs, citing a class-action lawsuit filed in a San Francisco court that employees allege the company violated federal and California law by not being adequately notified.

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Previously, the company assured employees last month that it had no plans for mass layoffs following U.S. media reports musk He wants to cut 75% of his 7,500 staff following his $44bn (£38.4bn) takeover.

However, the Washington Post report said layoffs were inevitable, claiming plans to cut Twitter’s payroll by around $800 million (£715 million) by the end of next year.

Musk has ordered Twitter’s team to save up to $1bn (£895m) a year in infrastructure costs, according to Reuters.

a week has passed Musk walks into Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters with a kitchen sink

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‘Let it sink in’

The layoff notice ended a seven-day purge for entrepreneurs.

he already Fired the top leadership of the social media companywhich he accused of misleading him about the number of spam accounts on the platform.

Musk has also pledged to get rid of spam accounts as one of his main priorities — but he probably isn’t planning another growing exodus.

Concerns about Tesla and SpaceX founders’ potentially loose stance on content moderation have many real concerns Users considering exiting the platformincluding some famous people.

He also revealed the plans behind moving Twitter’s verification badges to paid subscriptions — $8 per month as part of a Twitter Blue membership

Musk updated his Twitter bio to read “Chief Twit” — which later changed to “Twitter complaint line operator” — and said he bought the company not to make more money, but to “try to Help the people I love”.

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