Elon Musk says he hopes to finally find a new Twitter boss — if he issues ‘hardcore’ ultimatum to employees | Tech News

Elon Musk has said he plans to spend less time at Twitter and eventually find someone else to run the company.

musk He made the remarks during testimony in the US state of Delaware, where he defended himself against shareholders’ claims that his $56bn (£47bn) pay package at Tesla was too generous.

“A post-acquisition restructuring of the company requires an initial burst of activity,” Musk said in his testimony.

“I hope to reduce my time at Twitter and find someone else to run Twitter over time,” he added.

He also revealed that he hopes to complete a restructuring of the organization this week to ease the turmoil that has lingered since he took over.

Since Musk’s acquisition, the company has undergone rapid changes, including the gutting of senior management and the layoff of half the workforce.

In further restructuring of the company, Musk has sent out messages to employees warning them of the impending cultural change.

He told them they had until Thursday to decide whether to stay with the company for “long and intensive” work or accept severance pay of three months’ salary.

musk told Twitter Anyone who doesn’t click on the link acknowledging “You want to be a part of the new Twitter” by Thursday night New York time will be considered resigned, the employees said.

“Going forward, we will need to be very stubborn to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world,” the source said.

“It will mean working long hours at a high level of intensity. Only outstanding performance will constitute a passing grade.”

Under his leadership, Twitter will be “more engineering-oriented,” Musk said, adding, “Those who write great code will make up the majority of our team and have the greatest influence.”

The billionaire also canceled remote work, saying employees are required to spend at least 40 hours a week in the office and warning Twitter may not “survive the coming recession.”

He also took a serious approach to employees who publicly criticized the company.

Several former employees suspect they were fired for posting critical comments about Musk or the company online.

A source told Reuters he received a dismissal email overnight saying “your recent actions violated company policy” and said he believed more than 20 people were fired in the latest round of firings.

On Tuesday, several others tweeted that they had received the same email.

“I want to apologize for firing these geniuses,” Musk tweeted Tuesday. “Their enormous talents will undoubtedly be of great use elsewhere.”

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