Donald Trump is hurting — his big villain role in Capitol riots isn’t what his political comeback needs | US News

Riot – Defined as a violent uprising against the authority or government.

this is quite a fee Against the former president of the United States, even if it is not surprising.

Over the months, the stories told by committee members and their witnesses donald trump As the chief architect of an attempted coup – he was his “last stand”, if they say so.

Gripping behind-the-scenes footage combines with jaw-dropping testimony to show Mr Trump and his team trying to seize power against all odds and in violation of the nation’s laws.

Committee members blamed the former president, and they found echoes in witnesses.

The testimony came from those close to Trump, who offered first-hand eyewitness evidence that seemed to illustrate the final throes of the dictatorship, and the survival plan to match it.

There is no question that the conclusion of criminal transfer is damning. Their importance, however, immediately became a point of contention again in partisan politics.

There are Republicans on the committee, but they are not friends of Trump. As a result, Mr. Trump and Trump supporters have repeatedly challenged its integrity and neutrality.

Elevating their findings above the political stage was a response from the Department of Justice (DoJ) that aligned with their conclusions and filed charges.

This is not a given.

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Trump ‘unfit for any office’

As convincing and forceful as the words and pictures presented by the Commission on January 6, we heard no defense. There was no cross-examination of witnesses or the kind of forensic questioning they face in court tests.

So while we can assume the DoJ attorneys will pored over the contents of the committee report and cross-reference it with their own detective work — as it has done, with over 1,200 witness interviews and testimony and over a million pages records – we cannot take for granted that they will use that as a basis for prosecution.

Their predictions extend beyond criminal charges to the prospect of a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt. They will be examining the evidence with a level of rigor not found in the Capitol committee room, and so may not reach the same conclusions.

The ability to prove criminal intent will be key.

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When a president uses words like “fighting like hell,” is he helping and comforting an uprising, or is he simply encouraging nonviolent political struggle, protected by the First Amendment? You see the challenge.

The justice department, which has focused on Mr. Trump on many issues, may feel that their chances of successful prosecution lie further south, such as Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the focus of their investigation into the handling of classified documents. A black and white case built on paperwork is likely to be less contentious.

Regardless of how they responded to the Jan. 6 committee, Mr. Trump was damaged.

The Capitol Hill retrospective could be titled “Insurgency: Inside” — a prime-time television event that casts Mr. Trump as the top villain in a corruption-ridden White House.

If he’s looking for momentum for a political comeback, it’s not what he needs.

While he may bounce back on a support base offended by victim narratives, the entire Republican Party will struggle with the fallout for him and their electoral viability.

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