DoD’s Metz on the Importance of Reinventing Technology, IT Thinking – MeriTalk

The Department of Defense (DoD) is reshaping the way it works with military personnel on the consumption and delivery of technology and information technology (IT), senior Defense Department technology officials said this week.

The DoD’s Digital Modernization Strategy is the cornerstone of the Department’s advancement of the digital environment to give the joint force a competitive advantage on the modern battlefield. Approach: Improve technological capabilities across the sector and strengthen the overall adoption of enterprise systems to expand the playing field in the digital space.

“We need to engage and reshape the way we talk about technology,” said Danielle Metz, Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Enterprise, Office of the DoD CIO, at the GovExec virtual event on Sept. 9. 13. “[Technology] is a key enabler of everything the department does to successfully execute its mission. “

To achieve this, however, Metz explained that the way leaders and employees understand technology and IT requires a mindset shift. Historically, technology has been viewed as hardware, Metz said.

But that needs to change so that DoD leaders understand and understand “the importance of technology that drives everything we do in the department,” Metz said. “My team and I are very focused on having this type of conversation and shifting the leadership mindset.”

In addition, DoD leaders are working hard to understand how to provide a reliable modern IT environment, improve the user experience, and help the DoD better perform its mission.

“We need to be able to ensure that we have a modern, reliable way to provide information when needed to ensure that we can have a workforce that is efficient, competent and able to do the tasks they are asked to do,” Metz explained.

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