Detroit City Council votes Tuesday on expanding ShotSpotter technology

Detroit – Tuesday, Detroit City Council Will vote on whether to expand use ShotSpottera controversial technique for detecting gunshots.

Detroit Police Chief James White and Detroit Mayor Mike Dugan Call ShotSpotter a powerful security tool.

They believe it could speed up police responses by eliminating the need to call 911.

Advocates argue that a casual shooting by a Detroit man last month that killed three people on the city’s west side could have saved lives.

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But many people don’t like the idea of ​​having more sensors in and around cities.

“Will it stop it? No,” said the Rev. Charles Williams. “Will it slow down? That’s what I hope.”

Williams supports expanding ShotSpotter because the technology can detect gunfire and alert police immediately.

“I believe it will save lives because the police will be there, and what I really hope is that it will let the young men and women shooting outside know that someone is listening,” Williams said.

Currently, ShotSpotter is used in Districts 8 and 9, covering nearly 7 square miles. If the city council gives the green light, the technology will cover 28 square miles.

Council member Mary Waters opposed the expansion.

“Obviously, the data doesn’t work,” Waters said. “It’s obviously not going to work in Chicago, San Antonio and some other cities.”

“I think Detroit’s pilot zone shows that violence and gun violence is going down in the city of Detroit, and that’s enough for me,” Williams said.

Council will vote on the proposed expansion on Tuesday (September 27).

“We get as many calls on one side of the problem as we do on the other side,” Waters said.

Priyaman: When it comes to voting, how will you vote?

Waters: I would vote no.

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