David Duchovny and ‘The Estate’ cast play ‘quick and casual’ on serious topics, not taking a stand | The Art News

Is there still room on the screen for a movie?

Well, the cast of a new Sky movie seems to think so.

The article further referred to descriptions of sexual assault.

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The Estate is a comedy about a rival family, most of whom hate each other, trying to win a fixed inheritance for their dying relatives by any means possible.

It stars X-Files legend David Duchovny and horror movie star Anna Faris, as well as Rosemary DeWitt (Rachel Marries) and Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense).

In the film, there is one part where our main cast tries to get an elderly man to sexually assault their teenage relative via flash in order to prevent him from marrying their aunt and claiming her estate, and another scene where A cousin forced their husband to sleep with her wealthy family member in an attempt to cheer her up.

Duchovny, who plays Richard (or Dick, as he often refers to himself, as he tries to sleep with his on-screen cousin – seriously), told Backstage, Sky News’ TV and film podcast, that not every film Movies have to have a political message, or censor themselves.

David Duchovny, Danny Vinson and Toni Colette at the estate. Image: Signature Entertainment/Sky
David Duchovny, Danny Vinson and Toni Colette at the estate. Image: Signature Entertainment/Sky

“I think it’s good to play fast and take it easy on something that people can sometimes take too seriously for good reason,” he explained.

“It’s not about people not taking serious issues seriously, but for those two hours or whatever, it’s not taking these things seriously.

“This is not a position paper on how one should live.”

He added: “I think the problem now is that every film is being treated like a position paper.

“It’s never been that way for me… If a movie has good politics, it doesn’t make it a good movie — it just makes it a movie with good politics.

“Let’s just say it’s a good movie with bad politics.”

David Duchovi, Toni Collette and Anna Faris at the estate. Image: Signature Entertainment/Sky
Duchovny, Collette and Anna Faris (right). Image: Signature Entertainment/Sky

Faris added that she has been “part of a lot of offensive things”, likely referring to projects like horror movies and The Dictator (although offense is often a subjective idea…)

“I’m numb. I can’t even judge anything. So you can’t offend me.”

Australian actress Toni Collette told Backstage that “funny is funny”.

“If something is interesting, it attracts you.”

After apologizing to Faris for the differences between American comedy and British comedy (which she thinks are sometimes too forced), she says of The Estate’s vulgarity: “These situations that the characters are going through come out of nowhere.”

In fact, the comedy was one of the key reasons why the cast decided to take on the project, Duchovny told Backstage: “I think it’s very profane and funny and reminds me of the comedy I’m Missing from 10 or 15 years ago.”

Rosemarie DeWitt agreed, saying: “It’s profanity, and you (David) make it even more so, it’s amazing that you’re able to do it… It’s a no-brainer – and It’s fun on the page, which is always a really good start.”

DeWitt also reveals that her co-star, Colette, is also her manager — another very obvious draw for her making the film.

Toni Collette, Katherine Turner and Anna Faris at the estate. Image: Signature Entertainment/Sky
Katherine Turner, center, also stars in the comedy. Image: Signature Entertainment/Sky

Faris enjoyed their time on set, telling backstage it was one of her favorite filming experiences because “we were laughing all the time”.

“We played in a way that I couldn’t do on ‘Mom,'[the long-running show she starred in]and it just felt so good.”

Colette added, “Seeing all these talented actors grinning from ear to ear and enjoying it so much that they’re grinning from ear to ear when they’re trying to deliver their lines is just amazing”.

“So really enjoying it. I think it’s important to enjoy something that is so important throughout your life.”

The Estate is now on Sky Cinema and NOW – listen to our review on this week’s Backstage podcast.

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