Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones files for bankruptcy | US News

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has filed for bankruptcy.

Jones, the founder of the far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, has been indicted after accusing relatives of children and teachers killed in the Sandy Hook shooting of being faked massacre actors.

The 48-year-old described the shooting as “a counterfeit three-dollar bill” and claimed the entire event was staged to curb gun rights.

He lost the case in October and was ordered to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to the families of the victims.

In December 2012, a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut killed 20 students aged six and seven and six staff members.

Jones was ordered to pay $965m (£870m) in damages last month.

The controversial host has been banned from nearly all major social media due to his conspiracy theories.

However, he still streams content on his platform to a loyal online following.

Jones was once again making headlines around the world on Thursday. Kanye West In an interview, the rapper praised Hitler.

Despite Jones’ exile on social media, clips of his conversation with the rapper have gone viral, and West’s views on the Nazis sparked widespread outrage.

“You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, so you shouldn’t be called and demonized like that,” he told the rapper.

West, whose face was obscured by a black mask, replied: “Well, I see the good in Hitler too.

“I love everyone, and a Jew won’t tell me, ‘You can love, you know, us’…Everyone has something of value that they bring to the table, especially Hitler.”

Originally from Austin, Texas, Jones started working in cable television in the 1990s, where he developed a cult following thanks to his conspiracy theories.

In 1999, he co-founded the InfoWars website, which became popular in online conspiracy circles and reportedly had more than 10 million monthly visits in 2017.

However, the site’s parent company, Free Speech Systems LLC, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year following numerous controversies and lawsuits.

In addition to the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, he also infamously published the “Pizzagate” fake news story, claiming that a Washington, D.C., pizzeria was the center of an international pedophile abuse ring run by Hillary Clinton.

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