Cibolo homegrown player wows coach on ‘The Voice’

Former San Antonio-area contestant Grace Bello kicks off her fantastic journey with The Voice.

Former San Antonio area contestant Grace Bello has a dream start for her sound travel.

NBC/Helen Healey/NBC via Getty Images

A former San Antonio-area contestant wows all four judges in a singing contest sound Tuesday, October 4th. Grace Bello, originally from Cibolo but just moved to Lacey, Washington, got four chairs during her blind test, which is when contestants sing back to their coaches.

The 21-year-old singer performed Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” and received an immediate response. Producer and singer John Legend moved into two lines. Country superstar Blake Shelton was second, followed by icon Gwen Stefani and new coach Camila Cabello.

“It’s great because a lot of times we find singers on the show who have these big voices and they’re doing really well,” Legend told Bello. “But, we also have those more subtle singers. I actually won my first season here with a singer like that. Her name is Maelyn. I’ve heard of you too. You have too much control , and your tone is so beautiful.”

Stefani praised how closely Bello connected to the song’s lyrics. She also tried to convince the singer to join her team, saying: “There’s really no one on my team who can run like you. There’s really no one on my team who can run like you.”

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