Chief Pastor Report – Lytle

GGreetings from everyone at the Lytle Police Department! We received 60 service calls and 71 traffic stops this week. Of the 71 traffic stops, 63 were ticketed and 8 were warned.

We’ve received six reports on property crime for you: #1 – Some aspiring artists graffiti in John Lott Park. Pavilion signs, buildings and trash can all be targeted. #2 – A Wisdom Road resident reported that their trash can was stolen. #3 – A 2015 Toyota Tacoma parked with a catalytic converter across from TXDOT Park and Lytle State Bank. #4 – A homeowner on County Road 6842 reported someone in the home. Police arrived and apprehended a man who was burglarizing the home. #5 – A 2018 Honda CRV was parked at O’Reilly Auto Parts at 6 McDonald Street with a catalytic converter removed – HEB reports that some trees were stolen and looks like the same car from last week car. The value of the items taken away (28 trees) was approximately $720. These guys are pointing out what to buy like they’re filling out a shopping list. This time we have better videos…maybe we can track them down.

Last week, police arrested two people. #1 – A man was arrested for burglary (incident on County Road 6842). The homeowner caught him on camera. He was booked into the Medina County Jail. #2 – A man with two parole warrants (felon possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance) turned himself in in front of a police station. He was taken to the Atascosa County Jail unharmed.

We had a lot to do last week, including assisting with four missions. #1 – Around noon on Thursday (9/29), officers assisting the pursuit ended south of the city boundary on IH-35. The incident involved people smuggling. #2 – On Friday (9/30) around 4:30pm, officers assist in pursuit from South Main Street. The car (a stolen F250) turned up at 2790 N, circled Blume Drive and took off towards La Coste. The pursuing officers lost their vehicles. It most likely involved people smuggling, the car was stolen from San Antonio, so I suspect our crooks just returned it. #3 – Just after midnight Saturday (October 1), police assisted in Lacoste’s pursuit that ended in the Lytle High School parking lot. This has nothing to do with people smuggling. #4 – On Saturday (Oct. 1) around 9:00 AM, the state troopers chased a vehicle from Main Street on the south side into town. The suspect vehicle collided with two vehicles at the intersection in front of City Hall and then stopped in front of a house next to City Hall. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. This car is engaged in people smuggling. My family is just down the street doing a garage sale in front of some old buildings we own. My wife and son saw the crash and I was inside and heard them yelling for me. I sprinted down the street as the police apprehended the suspect. This road is temporarily closed. A witness later told me I wasn’t sprinting down the street, more like a brisk walk. Well, I seem to be sprinting. On the positive side, my wife says garage auction sales have soared due to road closures.

Be careful out there, I have never seen so many pursuits and incidents involving people smuggling in my 30+ year sheriff career. We’re over 100 miles from the border, so I can imagine what it would be like further south. I’m not talking about politics, just letting you know what’s going on in our community. My advice: Be extra careful at all intersections, even if you have the right of way. If you see or hear an emergency vehicle, get off the road as soon as possible. If that’s your only option, I’d recommend leaving your car in the parking lot or in the grass.

I’m proud of myself and I’m focusing on a serious topic. I’m going to give up on all of this and rave about the Italian food place we ate at Helotes after the thrift sale.

Pastor Rich It’s Chief Lytle Police. You can reach him at

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