CatchU Launches Transformative Personalized Technology to Assess Risk and Prevent Falls in Seniors

New York- (Business Wire)–JET Worldwide Enterprises Inc., a company dedicated to translating clinical multisensory research into real-world solutions, announced the launch of the first and only quantitative, objective fall risk assessment for an individual’s fall risk and why it falls provides advanced insight. Individuals may fall. Test results are backed up by personalized recommendations that are proven to prevent falls.

This simple but powerful iPhone test will help prevent the 2.8 million ER visits, 800,000 hospitalizations and 27,000 deaths in the United States each year due to falls. Until now, there is no quick, accessible and objective fall risk assessment that can “catch you before you fall”.

Product, CatchUTM value, will enable geriatricians, assisted living and retirement communities, and other providers to integrate multi-sensory information for older adults using reaction time measures (visual and tactile) through a fast, accurate, and accessible iPhone app-based test Ability. After the test is complete, healthcare providers receive a tailored report that describes the patient’s risk of falling and personalized recommendations for them to consider.

“Our mission is to increase awareness of fall risk, prevent falls before they occur, and improve the well-being of older adults and all,” said Dr. Jeannette R. Mahoney, founder and president of JET Worldwide Enterprises Inc., producer of CatchU. PhD. Mahoney founded the company based on more than 15 years of clinical neuroscience research, documented in more than a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles.

The Outpatient Center at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, N.Y., partnered with CatchU to conduct a randomized clinical trial to study the latest technological advances in predicting and preventing falls in older adults.

More information is available at and healthcare providers can order tests by registering at to create an account. CatchU tests are eligible for reimbursement for telehealth visits to appropriate individuals.

“I’m familiar with Dr. Mahoney’s research, and I’m looking forward to using this test clinically,” said Dr. Claudene J. George, associate professor, Department of Medicine (Geriatrics), Montefiore Medical Center; a geriatrician urged Mahoney to find a way to take her experimental multisensory integration assessment outside the lab.

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