Castor Appoints Andrew Sadler as Chief Product and Technology Officer

New York- (Business Wire)–Castor, a leading provider of democratizing clinical trial technology, today announced the appointment of Andrew Sadler as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO).

“Castor’s modular SaaS platform improves the clinical trial experience for patients, sites and sponsors, leveraging technology to accelerate every step of the clinical trial journey,” said Derk Arts, Castor CEO and founder. “Andrew’s appointment ensures that we can successfully serve our clients in a globally compliant manner while building the best eClinical SaaS platform.”

As Castor’s CPTO, Andrew Sadler has over 25 years of experience building, developing and leading engineering teams from startups to enterprise technology companies such as Google and Oracle. In this new role, Sadler is responsible for helping Castor realize its vision of modernizing clinical research by continuing to expand the company’s product offerings and capabilities.

“Achieving the future of clinical research will require a new generation of technologies that are more open, more connected and smarter,” Sadler said. “I’m excited to join the Castor team and lead the development of innovative solutions to make this future a reality.”

As a leading provider of clinical trial technology, Castor is well positioned for continued growth. The company’s recent leadership appointments ensure a solid product and engineering foundation for innovation and will allow Castor to enter new markets and support every aspect of clinical trials – from recruitment to delivery.

About Castor

Castor is a leading provider of decentralized and hybrid clinical trial solutions designed to democratize research. Castor’s plug-and-play platform has the highest rated eClinical platform for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials, providing rapid deployment at scale, enabling researchers to create trials with a click, easy enrollment, consent and real-world data capture.

Castor is introducing human-centered design into the clinical trial process, from recruitment to analysis, and improving the quality, safety and reusability of data for researchers around the world.

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