Brooke Shields Shares Her Top 7 Beauty and Fashion Must-Haves

Actress, model, author, mother and national treasure Brooke Shields may have made her name as a child star, but as a woman in her 50s, she already has her own identity. She’s currently busy rewriting stories for women over 40, thanks to Beginning is Now, her new digital platform and lifestyle brand that inspires and empowers women to embrace living life to the full and live it on their own terms, and Hosts her iHeart Radio podcast Now What? Join Brooke Shields as she discusses pivotal moments in people’s lives, including her own. Here, Shields, who recently starred in the HBO Max holiday film “Holiday Harmony,” shares her beauty (if she gave us bushy brows, she’s now teaching us about lashes), health, and lifestyle essentials.

When it comes to her complexion, Shields ranks this Jasmine, Neroli, and Rose Moisturizing Face Oil at the top of her list. 1 on her basic skincare routine. “I love the smell and it keeps my skin moisturized,” she says. Rich in ceramides, fatty acids and antioxidants, it’s enriched with a blend of omega 3 fatty acids, 14 seed oils, algae extract and astaxanthin to provide deep hydration, leaving skin visibly plumped and radiant. Follow in her footsteps and use it after your moisturizer or anytime your skin needs hydration.

For a high-tech facial at home, Shields swears by this LED mask, which she says “renews the texture and tone of my skin.” FDA-approved, it features 100 red-mode LEDs A combination of lights and 62 blue-mode LED lights to boost collagen production, improve skin density, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce redness and discoloration.

“Plus, when I wear it, I feel like a superhero,” she says. Put it on your face, press and hold the power button for two seconds, and relax for three minutes while the treatment works its antiaging magic .

Shields is, of course, known for her legendary brows, but recently, her lashes took center stage after she announced that this lash-boosting serum was keeping her from surviving. “Since I started using this amazing product, my lashes have gotten healthier and thicker,” she says.

Shields’ Beginning is Now brand aims to inspire and empower the global community of women over 40 through true stories of aging gracefully, lifestyle, fitness and wellness advice, and chic athleisure pieces.

“I live in our sweatshirts,” she says of their line of 100 percent organic cotton sweatshirts and hoodies, which are designed to be comfortable and loose, like you were in high school Dress like that. “I also love our leggings, they are so comfortable. And our The You Bra is proof that the perfect sports bra exists. It has an amazing side zipper instead of cumbersome rear hooks, so no more getting stuck on my back Khan’s bra.”

“I always have candles around the house,” says Shields, a fan of Rigaud candles. “They have the best scent. They are so rich without being overwhelming. I love Cyprès for Christmas and Tournesol year-round. I also keep a steady supply of BIC Multi-Purpose Classic and Flexible Stick Candle Lighters throughout the house .”

“I pretty much live on caffeine, which makes me feel European,” Shields says of the coffee and espresso maker, which brews four different-sized single-serve coffees in 25 seconds. “I use DeLonghi Double Wall Espresso Glasses for my water. They look great and keep my coffee hot without burning my fingers,” she says.

It’s the little things that matter. “They really work,” says Shields of Pottymints, which comes in a variety of scented sets, each containing 40 individually wrapped mints. They’re non-toxic, spill-free, dissolve clear, septic- and pet-safe, and will leave your toilet smelling like roses after 2-3 flushes.

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