Brian Walsh arraigned for murder after wife Anna Walsh goes missing

(Cohasset Police Department)
(Cohasset Police Department)

Details of Brian Walshe’s turbulent legal history have also emerged in recent days, revealing harsh criticism from a relative and family friend during his father’s will dispute in 2019.

In affidavits submitted by his father’s nephew and close friend, Brian was described as dishonest and “very angry and physically violent”. The two close friends also described him as a “sociopath,” according to the affidavit.

Dr. Thomas Walshe, who was chief of neurology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for more than a decade, died in India in 2018, according to court documents. He bequeathed only his “best wishes” and “everything else” from his estate to Brian, according to a will photo included in court documents, noting that he is no longer in touch with his son.

However, Brian Walshe objected in an affidavit in November 2019, saying he was “one of only two legal heirs” to his father’s estate. He said his father’s health was “very poor” when he signed what Bryan called a “dubious” will, and suggested his father’s signature on the document “may have been forged.”

He also claimed that he and his father had been estranged for years but “reconnected” in 2015 and started speaking “often” in 2016. He also claimed that two properties tied up in the estate were estimated to be worth more than $1 million.

In their affidavits rejecting the claims, his father’s nephews and friends detailed the years of Brian Walshe’s alleged fraud and manipulation.

“My uncle’s will confirms what he has told many people over the years that he does not want his son Brian to inherit anything from his estate,” wrote Andrew Walsh, one of the estate’s executors and Dr. Walshe’s nephew, in an affidavit.

“He had a falling out with his son … Brian ran off with a lot of money; he’s had almost zero contact with Brian R. Walsh for over a decade,” Andrew Waugh Ersh added.

Federal Fraud Charges: Separately, Brian Walshe was federally indicted in 2018 for allegedly selling counterfeit Andy Warhol artwork on eBay, according to court documents.

He allegedly took the real painting from a friend to sell, but never did, according to the documents. He also failed to compensate the friend for his art, prosecutors said.

In 2021, he pleaded guilty to three federal fraud charges and has been under house arrest and surveillance while awaiting sentencing.

In a letter to the federal judge hearing the case, Walshe said he was “deeply sorry” for his past actions and promised he had changed since the crime. Ana Walshe also wrote the court a letter expressing her gratitude for his continued house arrest while the case proceeds.

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