Blood and Notebooks: The James Brown Mystery

Blood and the Notebook – The James Brown Mystery – CNN Audio Podcast

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Saturday, November 19

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A strange call reveals a question from the grave – was the Godfather of Souls murdered? Nearly 40 years ago, a songwriter found himself in the inner circle of musician James Brown. This relationship would almost ruin her career. Decades later, she attempts to unravel the mystery of James Brown’s death…and her own life. When she calls CNN reporter Thomas Lake, the two are drawn into a world of secrecy, intimidation and alleged foul play.

blood and notebook

The James Brown Mystery

November 18, 2022

Detectives investigating the death of Adrienne Brown have received a tip from an informant that a doctor in California was responsible for Adrienne’s untimely death. Thomas Lake visited the doctor and asked him if he had killed Adrienne Brown. Meanwhile, a friend of James Brown says he has a vial of blood that proves the Godfather of Souls was murdered. When Jacques Hollander got a threatening phone call, she thought someone wanted her to keep quiet about James Brown’s death.

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