Best Buy’s Cyber ​​Monday Deals 2022: Apple, Beats, Samsung, and More

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Best Buy Cyber ​​Monday 2022: Featured Deals

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Dell XPS 13: The thin and stunning Dell XPS 13 is our favorite overall Windows laptop, and this Best Buy deal gets you a powerful Intel Core i7 model at an affordable price.

When it comes to Cyber ​​Monday, few retailers are as big as Best Buy. As usual, the electronics giant is offering deep discounts on almost every type of product this season, from the latest laptops and TVs to home appliances and everyday essentials.

There’s a staggering amount of items on sale, which is why we’ve dug through our vast savings to pick out the real bang for your buck – based on our own extensive hands-on testing and research, of course. Ready to score for the holidays? Here are the best Cyber ​​Monday Best Buy deals you can get right now.

We found Insignia’s 32-inch Fire TV, with its solid 720p picture quality and built-in Amazon smarts, to be an excellent value for the money, and picking it up at its lowest price ever is an even better deal.

The TCL 6-Series is our pick for the best TV overall, and this great deal gets you a gorgeous and large 65-inch QLED screen for the lowest price ever.

We love Samsung’s The Frame TV, which is both a unique digital art display and a fantastic QLED TV. Every version of this unique set is currently heavily discounted for Cyber ​​Monday, and comes in sizes from 32″ to 85″.

The LG C2 OLED is one of the best TVs we’ve tested, offering stunning picture quality and a smooth interface for browsing apps. Ranging from 42 inches to 83 inches, it’s currently on sale for close to the lowest price.

If the popular LG C2 is out of your price range, this popular budget alternative is easily one of the cheapest and most discounted OLED TVs we’ve seen this Cyber ​​Monday.

The Sony A90J earns our pick for the top luxury TV with the best picture quality we’ve tested, excellent detail, and ultra-accurate color. It’s currently available in two different sizes for up to $300 off (the lowest price right now).

If the A90J is out of your price range, the A80J is a more affordable variant that sacrifices some features but still gets you a gorgeous 4K OLED screen. At this all-time low sale price, it’s a fraction of the cost of the A90J.

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

We love the Samsung QN90B for its bright, sharp picture and great gaming features, and all models are on sale right now at a great price.

Best Buy’s Cyber ​​Monday Laptop Deals

Lenovo makes our favorite budget Chromebooks, and this cheaper variant of our top pick has everything you need for basic schoolwork and web surfing — all in a flexible design that doubles as a tablet.

The thin and stunning Dell XPS 13 is our favorite overall Windows laptop, and this Best Buy deal gets you a powerful Intel Core i7 model at an affordable price.

The new Surface Laptop 5 is one of the best (and best-looking) laptops we’ve tested this year, and it’s seeing some pretty hefty discounts just a few weeks after its release. If you’re on a tight budget, last year’s still-great Surface Laptop 4 is marked down to $650.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 touchscreen tablet

The Surface Pro 8 is our favorite 2-in-1 laptop, and this rare deal gets you a tablet and Keyboards (often sold separately) are on sale for rock-bottom prices.

The Asus ROG Zephyrus 14 came in second in our best gaming laptop test, and this discounted model gets you great gaming specs for just $900 (plus a month of Xbox Game Pass).

If you were happy with last year’s model (which still offers ridiculously fast performance), the 2021 iPad Pro is heavily discounted right now. It’s not the lowest price ever, but it’s a solid deal for those who aren’t ready to splurge on the latest model.

Best Buy’s Cyber ​​Monday Headphone Deals

Apple AirPods Pro 2

The AirPods Pro 2 are our favorite Apple earbuds, thanks to their excellent noise cancellation and controls, and they’re currently at their lowest price ever.

The Sony LinkBuds S are our favorite Android earbuds (but any phone), with great comfort, high-res audio support, and the unique ability to switch sound modes based on your surroundings. At this all-time low, they’re an absolute steal.

Beats Fit Pro Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

Beats Fit Pro is our pick for the best wireless earbuds overall, offering great features and comfort for iOS and Android users. They’re currently back at their lowest price ever, and they’re offering 4 months of free Apple Music.

Our pick for the best over-ear headphones, the Sony XM5 offer unparalleled noise cancellation and sound quality. This is one of the first big deals on this can set, and it’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

If the XM5 is out of your budget, the previous generation XM4 models are still a stunning set of cans, just sacrificing a bit of style and more advanced ANC. But at this all-time low price, those tradeoffs are well worth it.

The AirPods Max offer incredible sound quality and active noise cancellation, even though they’re a little too expensive at full price. This deal helps offset that, and while it’s not their lowest price ever, it’s still a solid option for audio fans willing to splurge.

Logitech makes most of our picks, and the company’s popular budget models come in a ton of different colors for the lowest prices ever. This inexpensive mouse is the perfect companion to your laptop and a great way to step up your WFH game.

The Logitech K380 is our favorite budget keyboard, thanks to its high-quality keys and easy multi-device pairing. It’s not the lowest price ever, but it’s still a good deal for an already affordable keyboard.

Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

If you need a Pencil for your new iPad Mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen is offering an even bigger discount at the lowest price ever. This fancier pencil has a double-tap function for switching tools on the fly, and it magnetically attaches to an iPad for wireless charging.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

If you plan on attaching your Apple AirTags to any of your bags or luggage, this sleek leather loop is a must-have, especially at this lowest price ever.

If you can’t stand the more premium design and advanced tracking features of more expensive Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch SE gives you all the essentials for a much lower price. This new model just got its first-ever discount, and Best Buy is even throwing in four free months of Apple Fitness+.

The Google Pixel Watch works great with Pixel phones — it also doubles as a full-fledged Fitbit for fitness tracking. This is the first big sale and the lowest price we’ve seen on this hot new watch.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is our favorite overall Android smartwatch thanks to its stellar performance, battery life, and fitness features. Buying at this all-time low price is a much better option.

Apple Watch Ultra

We think the rugged, feature-packed Apple Watch Ultra is the best Apple Watch for anyone willing to splurge, and its premium price makes this first-ever deal easier to swallow.

We think the Google Pixel 7 is the best Android value out there, giving you an amazing camera and a powerful, smooth software experience. The aggressively priced phone was even cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday and is now at an all-time low.

If you want better cameras and a bigger screen, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is an excellent choice at the lowest price ever.

OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro is a very good alternative to Samsung and Google, with the best battery life and charging speeds we’ve tested, and it’s on sale for the lowest sale price ever.

Best Buy’s Cyber ​​Monday soundbar and speaker deals

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is our favorite overall Bluetooth speaker for its powerful sound and durable design, and it just hit its lowest price ever on Cyber ​​Monday.

If you need something ultra-portable and affordable, our favorite travel-sized speakers are perfect for your next adventure at the lowest prices ever.

The Roku Streambar is a more basic version of our pick of the best soundbars, giving you both a compact soundbar and a full-featured Roku streaming player—at the lowest price ever the value of.

The Sonos Arc’s top-notch sound quality makes it our top pick for a premium soundbar, and its premium price makes it all the more palatable in this rare and lowest-ever price cut.

The newest Echo Dot improves on our favorite cheap smart speakers, with better audio and Wi-Fi expansion, while retaining the same versatile Alexa smarts. It’s a solid choice for first-time Echo buyers at this price (and also gets you 4 months of Amazon Music for free).

The Nest Doorbell (battery) is our favorite wireless video doorbell, thanks to its easy setup and free smart alarm, and it’s currently its lowest price ever.

Eero 6 Pro Wi-Fi Router

We named the Eero 6 mesh router the Eero 6 mesh router, and with its foolproof setup process and virtually unrivaled speed and coverage, it’s your best bet when it comes to choosing a mesh router. Every model is close to its lowest price right now, with basic routers starting at just $75.

iRobot Roomba i7+

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is almost identical to one of our favorite Roomba models, the j7+, and it’s being heavily discounted right now. If you splurge for the i7+, which includes a self-cleaning dock, you’ll be blown away by its power and smart robotics that learn your cleaning preferences and home layout.

The 6100 is a more premium model of our favorite electric toothbrush, offering three intensity levels and three different modes—the default cleaning mode, as well as whitening and gum care—that offer different brush head movements and automatically set the timer accordingly.

Whether you need a spare controller for multiplayer gaming or just want a brand new color like gorgeous Galaxy Purple, you can’t go wrong with an extra DualSense – especially at this lowest price ever .

Our favorite mobile gaming controller, the Backbone One instantly turns your phone into a true portable gaming console, perfect for the latest mobile and cloud gaming. It’s currently the lowest price we’ve seen for the standard and PlayStation editions.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is the best value in console gaming, offering immersive, smooth gameplay and access to the best-in-class Xbox Game Pass library. With $50 off Cyber ​​Monday, it’s the cheapest (and easiest to find) next-gen console yet.

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle

A staple of every Cyber ​​Monday, this Nintendo Switch bundle offers the excellent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Nintendo Switch Online for free, a $70 value. It’s the perfect starting point for new Switch users.

The Logitech G Cloud is a unique and well-designed portable gaming console that lets you stream cloud games from Xbox, Steam, Amazon Luna, and more. It’s a bit pricey for its features, but at its first-ever sale price, it’s worth considering.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is a unique monitor that doubles as your TV thanks to its built-in smart interface, and it offers exceptional value at its lowest price ever.

The Dell Ultrasharp 27 is our favorite 4K monitor, and the latest model is available at a pretty hefty Cyber ​​Monday discount right now.

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