Bearaby Velvet Napper Relaunches in New Fall Colors

Bearaby’s weighted blankets have been soothing to many of us before and during the pandemic – thanks to their gorgeous shades and soft texture, they look great on our sofas, beds, and laps. We’ve discussed its Tree Napper before; in fact, it adds weight without heat, which is great for warming up sleepers. It’s also the only blanket we can use in the summer, and it makes Netflix nights as comfortable as winter without making you super uncomfortable.

If you’re still not a fan of weighted blankets (or you’re looking for a second or an incredible holiday gift), now’s the time to consider it: The luxurious-looking Velvet Napper just returned for fall in some new colors that are perfect for Cold days in fall (and home for hygge-thoughts).

Bearaby Velvet Napper Weighted Blanket

Bearaby’s popular and gift-worthy Velvet Napper returns this fall in two new shades, along with some old favorites: buy blankets in peridot and white opal, as well as tourmaline, rose quartz, and silver topaz.

New gem-inspired shades include peridot, a serene pale sage green; silver topaz; white opal; rose quartz; and tourmaline, a rich Bordeaux.

The ecological velvet used in the blanket is also not any velvet. It’s made from recycled ocean plastic, a) keeps bottles from littering our oceans, and b) looks and feels like the real thing. It comes in 15lb, 20lb and 25lb weights – a good guideline is around 10% of your body weight for peak chilly sensations.

Don’t wait to shop: Bearaby launches tend to sell out quickly, and this seasonal style might not last long. Buy at

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