Baggage Claims: What Delta’s Chief Customer Experience Officer Always Packs When Traveling

Allison Ausband started her career with Delta Air Lines in 1985 as a flight attendant. Over the past 37 years, she has risen through the ranks at the Atlanta-based airline, including leading more than 20,000 Delta flight attendants as senior vice president of in-flight services and vice president of reservation sales and customer service, where she was responsible for four 10 participating centers in 10 countries connect more than 37 million customers.

Ausband is now executive vice president and chief customer experience officer at Delta Air Lines. Needless to say, she is one of the most experienced executives in the travel industry and an expert in preparing for business travel.

Ausband recently wealth A must-have item about her never leaving the house.

reliable technology

I started my career as a flight attendant at Delta Air Lines and developed some hard-to-break packing habits. One lesson that has stuck with me is reliability – while I’m not a deep sleeper, as a flight attendant I never want to be late for a trip. An extra alarm clock is a must for me as a backup for hotel room alarms and wake-up calls. Obviously, technology has come a long way since then, so I’ve gone from packing a physical alarm clock to making sure I have my power cord. I now organize all my chargers and adapters into the “Someone Somewhere” comfort kit; I have one in every bag. I never leave home without my iPad.

Minimalist packaging style

For most of my travels, I’m a minimalist; this is another habit I’ve stuck with since my flight attendant days. I’m usually on a business trip, so I only pack what I need – no matter what plane I’m on, I’ll wear it into the night. No extra weight is required in the luggage. Hey, less weight also means more fuel savings on the plane. A set of packing cubes always comes in handy so I can separate what I need and keep it in the suitcase for good visibility.

Transitional Power Suits and Sneakers

I really believe a good trouser suit works as a suit of armor and it’s one of my favorite styles. But the key here is that it’s transitional. I always pack a suit that goes with the shoes I wear when I leave the house. Sneakers are my new friend with suits. I definitely take action during my airport visit, and these platform sneakers are usually where you can find me. They’re functional and comfortable, and they wear the suit low enough so I can wear it to meet clients and colleagues during the day and then have dinner at night.

Breathable sportswear

I’m sure other road warriors may have something to do with the struggle to find time to work out. I know my own Apple Watch keeps reminding me to close those pesky rings! So now, the Lululemon Running Leggings are a must-have for any travel, business or leisure time. This is the only item I don’t consider. Wearing comfortable clothes makes me feel good and makes workouts easier to complete. Thankfully, when I’m not working out on the ground, I can still do some stretches during my Peloton class on Delta Studio.

Airplane-Friendly Skin Care

Frequent flyers know that hydration at 30,000 feet is key, so for me, another must be airplane-friendly skin care. We recently brought in clean beauty brand Grown Alchemist. They’re helping us provide 100% natural, cruelty-free botanical skin and body products for our Delta One Comfort Kit. I’ve become addicted to their Vanilla Watermelon Lip Balm to keep my lips moisturized throughout my travels – it has a place in my carry-on bag.

It’s part of Baggage Claim, a collection of well-known personalities from diverse backgrounds and industries, revealing what they always pack when traveling, be it for business or leisure.

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